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    Hi –

    Having a bit of an issue setting this up. After the user enters their information and clicks the “Purchase” button, a couple of issues exist:

    1) The user is not transferred to the “Transaction Results Page”, rather, they are redirected back to the checkout page.
    2) No e-mail is ever received
    3) The order is entered into the database and shows up, but is marked as “incomplete”, and not “Order Received”
    4) The cart contents are not cleared out – it’s as if the order was not processed.
    5) Credit Card Validation does not seem to be taking place – if I enter a bogus credit card number, the page is still submitted and no notification of any kind is reported back to the user.

    – WordPress Version: 3.2.1
    – WP E-Commerce Version:
    – Theme: Storefront Elegance Theme
    – Gold Cart Plugin for WP E-commerce is installed
    – No other transaction processors are

    Any advice on what this issue is would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Michael Visser

    Hi Scottyc, there was a validation issue in a previous Plugin release, please update the Plugin to the latest release.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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