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Nuking via Manual CRON

Store Toolkit supports triggering ‘nuking’ via a command line request, to do this you need to prepare a specific URL and pass it the following required inline parameters.

Supported arguments

  • action: woo_st-cron
  • type: Replace with the dataset type you wish to be deleted, allowed dataset type values are listed below. (Defaults to empty)
  • key: If the secret key is filled by the store owner then only matching keys will result in a successful nuke. (Defaults to empty)

Sample CRON nukes

The following sample will delete all all Product Tags and return a 1 (successful) or 0 (failed) to the browser, no secret key is set for the store in this case.

The same nuke as above but with a matching key provided by the store owner (e.g. 00000-00000-00000-00000).

Allowed values


  • product
  • product_category
  • product_tag
  • product_brand
  • order
  • user
  • coupon
  • tax_rate
  • download_permission
  • credit_card
  • google_product_feed
  • post
  • post_category
  • post_tag
  • link
  • comment
  • media_image
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