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Take full control of your data. Use the best scheduled exporting tools for WooCommerce. Loved by 20k+ store owners just like you.

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"Most advanced WC export [...] used this plugin across many WC sites and it always comes through"

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The best WooCommerce export & import tools.

Easily export WooCommerce Orders, Subscriptions, Products, Categories, Tags, Customers, Reviews, Coupons, and native integrations with 125+ other plugins.

Scheduled Exporting

Easily create automated exports of your data and send it where it needs to go.

Smart Filtering

Smart filters to get exactly the data you need in the export format you need.

Flexible Formats

CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX, XML, JSON, and more! Your format, your way.

Automatic Sending

Send via email, save to server, upload to FTP/SFTP, or even post it to a cloud service.

Powerful WooCommerce Import & Export tools

WooCommerce Experts

Made by Rymera Web Co, veteran WooCommerce devs & makers of Wholesale Suite, Advanced Coupons, WC Vendors + more.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not working out for you? No sweat! We have an iron clad, no questions asked guarantee, just get in touch with our team.

Developer Friendly

Loads of hooks, code comments, and a fun codebase to work with. Plus we integrate tightly with 125+ WooCommerce plugins.

All Your Data

WooCommerce has lots of data and Visser Labs WooCommerce import and WooCommerce export tools give you unrestricted access to it.

Automation Saves You Admin Time

Little actions done repetitively costs humans precious hours and hours of time. Don't waste your time or your team's time manually running processes. Use scheduled actions, smart filtering, and automated sending to get exports of your data where they need to go on autopilot!

Frequently asked questions

What is Visser Labs? What are store exporter & importer plugins?Visser Labs is a WooCommerce plugin maker, specializing in creating the best store export and product import plugins.

Simply, our plugins let you take control of your data.

The WooCommerce Store Exporter plugin allows you to flexibly export any of your store's data into the format you need, on the schedule you need it. This includes things like Orders, Subscriptions, Products, Categories, and much more.

The WooCommerce Product Importer plugin does exactly what it says on the tin. It lets you import Products into your WooCommerce store with ease so you can update those listings.

Can I trial the plugins?We have a free version of the WooCommerce Store Exporter plugin available via that lets you try a cut down version of our full feature set. Once you're ready, you can graduate to the Deluxe versions.

Are the plugins compatible with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress?Yes! Our team actively tests with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions to ensure a smooth, fully compatible experience.

There's a lot to keep up with though, so if the odd bug or incompatiblity arises, know that we're here to help you with our global support & development teams.

Am I entitled to updates and how do I get them?When you purchase a Visser Labs plugin, you'll receive a special license key.

Inside the plugin settings there's a license page to insert your key and unlock automatic updates.

Once you're activated, updates will flow through to your dashboard just like any other WordPress plugin.

And if you ever need to grab the .zip file of your plugins directly, simply login to your account here on our website and you can download it from there.

Will Visser Labs plugins slow down my site?Absolutely not. The beauty of export and import plugins is they only operate when you tell them to, otherwise it will not affect the function of your store in any way.

When the plugins are doing their job, we're careful not to overload your server or cause slow downs.

Our team understands that, in e-commerce, time = money!

Your WooCommerce Data, Exported.

Get your data in and out of WooCommerce easily with Visser Labs WooCommerce Export and Import tools.

Visser Labs – WooCommerce Plugins

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