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    great Plugin!
    However I havent been able to figure this out:
    I want to export the toal sales (Quantity) for a certain date, for example:
    Product a; Totals sales: 7;
    Product b; Total sales: 3;
    Ok thats easy. But now I would like to filter by date, such as April 2015.
    Is that possible?

    I tried a workaround by exporting orders (as you can fiter them by date) but then I only get the stats per customer and not per product.
    Are there any solutions or workarounds to do this?
    Thx, Moritz

    Michael Visser

    Hi Moritz, the Total Sales export column is a Post meta value assigned to Products and the value is maintained by WooCommerce. As new Orders are generated this value is incremented by WooCommerce. I understand this is confusing for users expecting a dynamic value that adjusts to date filters (which it doesn’t).

    In the 2.0+ series we can look at adding filters for individual export fields like Total Sales but have been reluctant to do this as it will further clutter the Export screen.


    Hi Michael,
    thanks for the reply. So I’ll wait for 2.0 then.
    A work-around for people with the same problem would then be:
    export orders per costumer and filter, for instance, by month.
    Then you get:
    Costumer a; Product 1; total 5;
    Costumer a; Product 3; total 1;
    Costumer b; Prodcut 1; total 2;
    Then you have to script manually in excel by filtering by product, such as product 1=7.
    Best, Moritz

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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