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    I submitted a request for support 2 weeks ago, supplied the requested files 10 days ago and as yet have had no reply. What on earth can take so long without any form of contact. Even if I was to receive an email ensuring me that you’re looking into it would be a start! If you sell commercial software you need to ensure that you support it in an expedient manner.

    I have a customer that I have to supply a service to and just informing them that there is an issue with a supplier is not good enough.

    Please respond with what the problem is, what you are doing to investigate & resolve it and when I can expect a fix for it!

    Duncan Batchelor


    Well said, I am in the same boat! I hope you have gotten your issue resolved … I am still waiting



    I agree with this. Your support, Michael, is very poor & sporadic. You need to do much, much more.

    I use the free Mio theme by Roy Ho @ Splashing Pixels. Perhaps you know him?

    His support is second to none with prompt responses to all posts. Most of his time is taken with support for this free theme and not his premium themes.

    The fact that the support asked of you is from paying customers makes this much worse.

    You did finally seem to resolve my account problem (maybe it resolved itself) but you made no effort to actually contact me about it or offer any apology.

    I’m using your plugins on behalf of a client, so problems here need to be acted on in a prompt manner; hours not weeks.


    I sincerely hope you care enough about your customers (& not just their money) to take this post seriously and act accordingly from now on.



    yourpagetoday, I finally gave up. As I received absolutely no communication either about the support call or my request for refund, I reported the transaction to PayPal as fraudulent and finally got my money back. I certainly will not be using any plugins from this source again!

    I suggest that if others have similar problems use the same method as it would seem to be the only way to get a reply.

    Visser, you are the worst Software Developer I have ever had to deal with, providing a total lack of support to your paying clients and plugins that do not work.

    Thank goodness I’ve now finished my dealings with you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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