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    Austin Sahagun

    Hello Support,

    I love your product but it has been causing me all sorts of issues recently when I am trying to export data from my site. Every time I run it it causes the site to run slowly or not load at all. The files that do get exported are often incomplete and take a huge amount of time to show up in the media storage on our site. Some more information about the batches I am running, I have all of the order fields checked, and I am trying to export around 1000 orders per batch. I have enabled storage in the site media and still only export around 917 orders before it just says the file is done and uploads it to the media storage on the site. If I try to download the file straight from the site I get a page unavailable and it just ends the process. What is your thoughts on these issues? I have contacted wp and had them raise the allocated memory to 1024mb and still having the same issue.

    Thank you for the help!

    Michael Visser

    Hi Austin Sahagun, bulk export is the mother of memory intensive tasks, using the Volume Offset and Limit Volume options in Export Options you can control the size of exports and I’m extending those controls to Scheduled Exports in the next Plugin update.

    We use the PHPExcel library for non-XML exports so we could look at different caching methods but if the issue you’re facing is timeout based and not memory then all you can do is request your hosting provider raise the timeout limit for PHP processes. I’d be happy to assist further via Support so I can request PHP version information and other details which may help in exporting large datasets.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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