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    Export Type -> Products

    Product Field -> Quantity not showing quantity.

    I assumed that the Product Fields are like:
    Manage Stock = If the stock managing is checked in woocommerce
    Stock Status = If there are Products in stock or the stock is empty
    Quantity = The amount of products in stock

    The last is what I need and when I check there are a lot of products where the quantity is 0 (and should not be when checken in the Woocommerce/Products List)

    It seems that the problem appeares with variation Products, also Sale Price is showing in the Price column and the column Sale Price is empty.

    It looks like

    A-Product SKU B-Product Name C-Product Published D-Price E-Sale Price F-Manage Stock G-Quantity H-Stock Status I-Total Sales J-Product Status
    A-XXXXXX20141001 B-ThisGreatProduct C-11/07/20XX D-55 E- F-Yes G-0 H-In Stock I-16 J-Publish

    but it should show
    A-XXXXXX20141001 B-ThisGreatProduct C-11/07/20XX D-95 E-55 F-Yes G-3 H-In Stock I-16 J-Publish

    When Stock is managed at variation level the quantity shows 0. BUT: In the menu Products-> the column Stock show the calculated amount of all variations stock amounts and also the column Price shows the Price and the Sale Price (which is the same for all variations).

    So is there an option to let Store Exporter Deluxe do the same output like WooCommerce in the Products section, just sum up all variation stock quantities?

    Michael Visser

    Just doing some house-cleaning of the Forums, original topic is here: http://www.visser.com.au/topic/quantity-for-variable-products/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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