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    Dear Mr. Visser,

    I’m trying to get the quantity per variation in an export.
    I have 1 Global for my variable products named size.
    The variations are used for variations.

    In my Woocommerce –> Settings –> Products –> Inventory the option
    Enable Stock Management is checked.

    In my variable products, under Product Data –> Enable stock management at product level is unchecked since I want the stock to be management at
    variation level.
    Therefore, Manage Stock is selected at the variation level.

    In the Store Exporter Deluxe settings I have:
    Export Types –> Products
    In Products Fields the Attribute:size is checked
    Variation formatting is on Leave empty Variant details intact.

    When I export I do get a column with size, but it shows pipe symbol seperated
    sizes: L|M|S|XL
    I’ll like to see every attribute on a new line with its specific quantity.

    Any suggestions?

    WP version: 4.5.2
    WooCommerce version: 2.5.5
    Store Exporter Deluxe: 2.1.1

    Best regards,
    Laurens da Costa

    Michael Visser

    Hi Laurens, just sweeping past old topics here on the Community Forums. This enhancement could be made for Variable Products, I don’t think changes can be made to the Variation: Size column as our importer requires that format for generating new Attributes but I’d be happy to look at an additional export column that caters for this need.

    Open up a support topic with us and we can look at this together:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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