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    Hi there, we are trying to import our products with the Product Importer Deluxe (1.8.8) on Woocommerce (2.2.7), WordPress (3.9.2) but when we do so the plugin doesn’t recognize the products’ variants. Each variant is being considered as a new product even though we imported the excel file in the same exact way suggested from the plugin. Why is that? How can we import products variant in a proper way? thanks


    I’ve been experiencing the same issue with WordPress 4.01 and the latest version of this plugin.
    I’ve followed the instructions precizely. I even downloaded the Sample CSV that had variations in it, when I import it makes a new “simple” product from every Variation.
    Unfortunately that makes the whole plugin rather useless as I really need the variations. I hope someone can shed some light on this issue?


    I am having the same problem, can’t import product Variants.
    have exported “product export deluxe” (1.8.8) from one instance with 1 products and 3 variants added manually and tried importing on vanilla instance with no plugins except “product import deluxe” (1.8.8)… Result is 4 individual products and not 1 with 3 variants

    wordpress 4.1


    I had the same results with my first try with the free version. Thought it was a mistake on my end. Was hoping Importer was the answer to handling multiple variations. Just bought exporter came back to buy Importer Deluxe. I see a post from November. Has it been fixed so I can buy this great tool or will a lack of response indicate I should not wait for a solution.


    I have the same problem with my data set or the sample dataset. Anyone found a work around yet?


    Thanks. I will try that on too.

    Michael Visser

    Just going through and closing old topics, a new Variation format was added back in 1.9.8 resolving issues where individual Variations were being being shown as separate Simple Products. Updating to the latest release – as of writing 2.0.3 – will resolve this issue and all purchases of Product Importer Deluxe have a free license of Store Exporter Deluxe grandfathered in.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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