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    Hello there! I had a store full of tons of products that are going to have the same exact formula for table rate prices.

    1 item costs $4.99
    Discount if you buy 3 items – $3.99 per
    Discount if you buy 10 items – $2.99 per

    Except all the products have different prices.

    As you can see, I would simply like to provide the quantity discount at $1.00 for each level. Can I do that without having to type in an special price for each of the 2,200 products I have? Something like “3:-1” or something?


    Really beginning to dislike WP E-Commerce. I’ve spent thousands of dollars in the past few days on all these damn add-ons from various vendors and I can’t get any support. Really sucks.


    Hello cardscomp

    We’re in the wrong line of work. think of the million we could make buy selling item that don’t with and no support

    I have wasted 6 weeks and over $950 on plugins and themes that match. NONE WORKS

    what a deal

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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