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    Hi there, thanks for a great plugin.

    I’m having trouble with an export of around 1200 products. Most of the products are exported perfectly, but I’ve noticed that on a few products, multiple categories are not properly separated with a pipe character.

    For example, here’s one that’s been separated properly:

    Hi-Fi>Hi-Fi Record Players>Gramophones|Condition>Prop Hire

    And one that is not separated properly:

    Accessories>Headphones>Closed Back Condition>Prop Hire

    In the latter case, the two categories should in fact be: ‘Accessories>Headphones>Closed Back Headphones’ and ‘Condition>Prop Hire’. It’s as if there’s missing characters in the middle of the exported string (one of which would be the missing pipe character).

    Needless to say, this is causing problems when trying to import the categories elsewhere.

    We are not 100% up to date with core and plugins on the site we’re exporting from – we’re just trying to keep it stable while we build the new site. As such, the versions running are:

    WordPress 4.3.8
    WP e-Commerce Version
    WP e-Commerce – Store Exporter Version 1.7

    Any ideas on what the problem could be?


    Michael Visser

    Hi Patrick, thanks for asking, I have a feeling I know what’s causing this. I’ll get a change introduced into the next Plugin update of Store Exporter for WP e-Commerce to resolve this; it won’t happen today (Friday update curse) so likely next week 🙂


    Thanks for your reply Michael!

    I also wanted to mention that I could only export as CSV, not XML – the XML radio button was greyed out. Though I’m not sure whether an XML export would have solved my problem anyway.

    Michael Visser

    Hi discopatrick, pushing a minor Plugin update for this now, should show up in 5-10 minutes 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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