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    I have a problem with the export.
    I have made an export but in the export file the prices are not right.

    All prices in the export file end at ,00 but in the admin most prices end at ,95
    so in the admin the price is 9,95 but in the export file there is a price of 9,00
    this happens at all prices.

    I have tryed to remove the deluxe version and installed the free version and then the prices are exported good. Then I install the last downloaded version of deluxe and then prices are not good anymore in the export.

    Can someone tell me whats going wrong and how i can solve this?
    I realy need a good export as soon as possible so hope someone has an sollution for me.


    Michael Visser

    Hi Vossie75, I’m looking at this as a priority now that we’re back from holidays. In the free release we don’t make use of the WooCommerce internal function wc_price(), this issue seems to be limited to currencies that use the comma as the decimal separator so I’ll do some testing and bring this under control in the next minor Plugin update due this week


    Hello, That would be great, then i can connect to the price compare website just in time for valentines day.


    As an update to this issue, this also started happening with the newest plugin on any products over $1,000 USD – they are all showing as $1 now, definitely not good.


    is there a way this can be solved quick?

    Michael Visser

    Hi tooeleshootingsupply, we were running wc_price() against the Price field twice which broke the Price formatting. This is now fixed and I’m confirming that prices over 1000 work as expected before releasing a minor Plugin update today, I’ll close this topic once the update is announced 🙂

    Michael Visser

    Okay, here’s the Price scenario. Since we’re using wc_price() – which is a far better solution than the existing Price formatting rules – I’ve gone ahead and disabled the thousands separator within exports; there’s a WordPress filter in there to override this as well as the separator itself within exports if wanted via:


    The following prices (e.g. Order Total, Product Price, Product Sale Price, Order Item: RRP) will now look like:

    – 1000,95 = 1000,95
    – 1000.95 = 1000.95
    – 9,95 = 9,95
    – 9.95 = 9.95
    – 10000,95 = 10000,95

    Previously the thousands separator was included in price’s over 1000.00 and the Product Price field was being double formatted; leading to single digit Prices. I’ll do a quick sweep of open topics and release this minor Plugin update ASAP.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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