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    NO NO NO AND NO !!! please don’t close my subjet until he is REALLY RESOLVED ! nithing is resolved because i answered to your issu and there is no good answer !!

    i answer to you and i wait for a good solution… why close my topic and wrote them resolved if nothing is resolved ??

    You dident answer to my ticket and you close my topic ???? easy no ?

    Please help me with this problem this is very very urgently !

    Hi ( sorry for my english, im french )

    I got a big problem to export my csv product data on my FTP, i tested :

    by email : that work and i get my files

    by upload in archive wordpress media folder : that work perfectly

    by ftp / SFTP : i dont have my file but in logs the message is ok : 11-27-2015 @ 14:19:24 – export_product-2015_11_27-16_19_21.csv: Success: Scheduled export of export_product-2015_11_27-16_19_21.csv to wp-content/uploads/import-gad/Elemento_Mineral/ via FTP uploaded

    by remote POST : i dont have my file but in logs the message is ok : 11-26-2015 @ 17:00:34 – export_product-2015_11_26-19_00_33.csv: Success: Remote POST sent to http://integration.larnatural.net/laradmin/uploads/import-gad/

    i verify permissions on my folder, htaccess.. etc but nothing work. I tested on our 2 server ( dévelopment and official ) and its the same.

    i opened a ticket at support but the answer dident help me.. anyone got this problem before ???

    Michael Visser

    Hi Ghalede, please open a Support ticket as the Premium Support service is intended for customers using our Pro Plugins (like yourself). This community forum is not well monitored which is why I suggested you open a new Support ticket via the Support page and we work together on this.


    In the interim to me answering your Support ticket please read our Usage page explaining the different Scheduled Export formats that we support.


    You can e-mail me directly at support@visser.com.au if you feel I have not answered your questions completely. I will leave this Community support topic open until I hear from you via Premium Support.


    i have already got an open ticket why i have to open a new one ?

    you already give me this answer who dident help me

    i know how to setup the plugin, why you dont read my message who said your logs are success and i have no file in my folder FTP ?

    i got a ticket already, please answer to this one i dont have to repeat my problem you know it


    problem resolved, thanks 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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