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    Hi jlarysz – thanks for your post. Sorry, didn’t refresh before my last post.

    Not sure which issue is affecting us, I just know that initially I could import 423 products, all of which had images at an external URL, which wasn’t actually external, but was just fully qualified so WordPress thought it was, and let it create all the thumbnails, and then suddenly we can’t import them at all, and it fails within a few seconds.

    As our server is our own (Debian 5/Apache etc.), then we could modify any settings that may be causing this issue – any idea how we change either the memory or the time-out settings? I’m happy to try different settings to see if it works again?

    Thanks again,


    To change php memory and execution time settings:

    1: Write yourself a small php script that reads:

    2: Save it at the top level of your web site as “phpinfo.php”

    3: Run it by going to address http:///phpinfo.php

    4: Look a few lines down; it will tell you exactly where your “php.ini” file is. Open that file in an editor, such as notepad.

    5: Look for a property “max_execution_time”. Set it to something very big, e.g.
    max_execution_time = 90000 or bigger – it’s your server so it doesn’t matter.

    6: Do the same for “max_input_time” – there a bug somewhere such that the input time is sometimes looked at instead of the execution time. e.g. max_input_time = 90000

    7: Look for property “memory_limit”. Set this to something big too. e.g.
    memory_limit = 256M Don’t go with more than half your installed memory.

    8: restart your Apache server. Run “phpinfo.php” again and look for these parameters. You should see your new values in the report page.


    Some text was lost. The one line in phpinfo.php reads” phpinfo();”


    The URL in step three was corrupted too. It’s the URL of your website followed by the filename “phpinfo.php”

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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