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    Hi, great plugin! I have 2 questions about customizing the E-mail Template we get after the order.

    1. I am using a custom fields plugin for woo-commerce and am unable to get that information in the order email. Following the pattern of how you have it set up, I used the field ID (for example: %additional_field_564%) but this doesn’t work. Is there a way to add this info to the email that is sent to us?

    2. On the email we receive after the order, it says to click on the link to retrieve the additional card information, but the web address is not linked. I am using HTML templates. Is there a way to add a HREF tag to that link? its not too difficult to copy and paste but Im sure you know how fickle clients can be 🙂



    Hi, back yet from vacation?


    does no one even check these forums? I sure wish I knew this before I purchased a plugin.

    Michael Visser

    Hi James, Michael here, I’ve been on vacation during July and working through a wall of support tickets along with the support team via Support:


    There is no notification from bbPress on these forums so we’ve missed you on this one. Can you create a support ticket so we can look at this together.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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