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    Right now, when a product is on sale (discounted), only the shop, category and product pages show the original and sale prices. Once a product is in the shopping cart, only the sale price is shown. For administrative purposes, both for customers and us, at least the e-mails should display how much has been “saved” or “given away”.

    By trial and error, using my limited programming skills, I’ve managed to show the sale price (a.k.a. cart price), original price and discount in percentage in the shopping cart, checkout and order e-mails when a product has been put on sale. I have been unsuccessful in adding this information to the orders (both back-end and front-end).

    Unfortunately editing files in a child theme is hardly future proof, but I’m far from skilled enough to turn this into a plugin.
    If this is something you’re willing to look into, I can supply the codes I’ve used.

    Michael Visser

    Just closing old topics, this is best answered by a Theme developer who can fetch the ‘_price’ Post meta key linked to that Product to show the original price as well as the ‘_sale_price’ Post meta key for the sale price.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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