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    Hi everyone, I would rarely if ever have to create a public forum request like this one now. I have been trying to get support for the commission king plugin for over a month now. I have contacted you directly via email and through the support ticket area and sales area and not one reply in over 6 weeks. I have about 3 or 4 tickets regarding the same issue now. Commission King does not sent out notifications since WooCommerce 2.0.20 and it does not show the export option on the commission recipient page and also it does not show the filter by date and product option any more. Basically all the new features do not work? So can you please check the following email with ticket numbers as I would like to know if the plugin is still supported or is it not and if it will work at all with WC 2.1 considering it does not work with WC 2.0.20. Obviously I am looking for a prompt reply at this stage as its getting way way too late at this stage, considering I did not even get an email saying you are even testing or looking into these issues. Look forward to at least a reply to this thread. Thank you

    Hi there,
    Hope your well. I have an issue here with support on our
    website. I have emailed your contact page about 1 month ago without reply,
    I have sent a support ticket to the sales area and support area in the last
    week to 10 days without reply. here is my last ticket number: Your request (
    #1310 <https://visserlabs.zendesk.com/requests/1310&gt;) and here: Your
    request (#1306 <https://visserlabs.zendesk.com/requests/1306&gt;)

    I am now emailing you here on these email addresses directly, can you
    please reply to the faults with the plugin Commission King for WooCommerce.



    Once more I am here looking for support, I have tried the ticketing system this week and last, I have tried leaving comments on the plugin page itself? It seems pretty pointless to have comments, support area and forum and not even an indication each time as to where someone should post. Come on guys, in all my days on the web I rarely get this kind of customer experience – it seems a bit made as your site and plugins are pretty damn good, where the hell is the support? Over a week ago I reported another fatal error in Commission King and not a single reply to say “we are working on it” or a release is coming. Its pretty mad – anyways at this stage I just hope you will release a fix because since Christmas I have been dealing with 3 or 4 fatal errors in this plugin and I have lost faith altogether in this. Shame really.


    Hi Michael, I have not received any update in 2 weeks from forum, support ticket or comment on the plugin page about the fatal error in Commission king, any update please?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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