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    I’m trying to get some custom fields (created with Booster for WooCommerce, formerly WooCommerce Jetpack) in my order exports.
    To get the field names, I’ve installed the Store Toolkit plugin and opened an order in which the fields have been used.

    The extra billing field (_billing_wcj_checkout_field_1) I’ve added to the checkout works in so far that something gets exported. The problem with this is that the exported info is more than what gets shown in the Toolkit’s Order Post Meta screen. For this field, I expect 8820, yet in the exported XLSX I get a:3:{s:5:”value”;s:4:”8220″;s:5:”label”;s:13:”Uw BCS-nummer”;s:7:”section”;s:7:”billing”;}. To get the correct info, I need to split the data into multiple columns and the delete the unnecesary columns again.

    The extra order fields (_order_wcj_checkout_field_2 and _order_wcj_checkout_field_3, both optional text areas) I added to the checkout have the same issue. Instead of simply showing the text that’s been entered in the text areas, the Excel-file shows a:3:{s:5:”value”;s:36:”The entered text”;s:5:”label”;s:12:”Field label”;s:7:”section”;s:5:”order”;}

    I’ve also added a required text field for each product — this field is shown on the product page. When I attempt to export _wcj_product_input_fields_local_1 the Excel column is completely empty.

    How can I get these fields to export as expected?

    Michael Visser

    Hi roland, that means that the Post meta data of ‘_billing_wcj_checkout_field_1’ is being stored within a serialized array, our Store Toolkit Plugin polishes up serialized arrays and shows it as separated data whereas our exporter does not do this. To include a value within a serialized array like the one above you will need to add a custom field using our exposed WordPress Filters to extend the export engine to support those fields. If you open a Support ticket I can step you through this and prepare a tutorial for others. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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