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    Michael Visser

    There is no way to manually add orders to WP e-Commerce (e.g. Customer has ordered and paid in-store or via e-mail).

    Place an “Add sale” button on the Sales Dashboard as well as Store menu, so that store owners can add orders instead of having to go through Checkout in order to place the order for the customer.

    Michael Visser

    An open beta will be available for the initial version, I’m scheduling this for the 3rd week of May. Once changes have been finalised the beta will close and the final release will be available in the Shop.

    Michael Visser

    I’ve brought this work forward, tomorrow is a public holiday. I have a prototype on my Visser Labs website that adds basic order information but not cart items.

    – Total price
    – Billing first name
    – Billing last name
    – Billing phone
    – Billing e-mail
    – Shipping address
    – Shipping city
    – Shipping state
    – Shipping postcode
    – Shipping country

    The manually added order appears in the Sales Log.

    I’m now working on adding cart items to the sales log. Should have a working prototype with cart item support in the next few hours, then will prepare a Post for limited beta invitations.

    Michael Visser

    Basic cart item support has been added, overall pretty happy with the solution. Will need corners trimmed and small changes to support additional non-critical features (e.g. tax, shipping, etc.). Right now it adds a manual order to the Sales Log with the typical details you’d expect to see.

    Preparing for beta and testing documentation, post will be visible shortly with invitation details.

    Michael Visser
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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