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    When I click the order from the email. It brings me to my website to log in to the order. I click on View Credit Card Details and nothing happens. I rather have the credit card number just go to my email any way. How can I do this?

    Must be a browser setting, just tried it in firefox and it worked. But there were XXXX in the middle of the credit card. Also, can I change the settings so I can view the CC info more than once and disable the auto deletion??

    When I am using IE 8.0 what do I need to change for my browser settings so that the View Credit Card Details link works?


    For the credit card details not showing up, that may have something to do with your browsers pop-up settings. I was also having problems with it not showing up in IE. I took out the height and width settings in the link and it worked fine. Using version 1.3, it was line 209 it was this…
    <a href="#" onclick="window.open( '<?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'].'&wpsc_admin_action=view_creditcard'; ?>','height=300, width=800' ); return false;"><?php _e( 'View Credit Card details','vl_wpsccc' ); ?></a>

    and I changed it to this, just taking out ‘height=300, width=800’

    <a href="#" onclick="window.open('<?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'].'&wpsc_admin_action=view_creditcard'; ?>' ); return false;"><?php _e( 'View Credit Card details','vl_wpsccc' ); ?></a>

    That was in the wp-e-commerce-offline-credit-card.php plugin file.

    Michael Visser

    I’ve added this change to the upcoming Plugin update.


    Works in IE now, thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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