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    Took some investigating to find this information.  It’s not shown in documentation (the readme), or anywhere in the interface (that I can easily tell).

    Here is what you put into your products page, and single products page.  Take the snippet below and replace YOUR_SLUG_GOES_HERE with whatever you typed as your slug on the Attributes page (WordPress Admin > Products > Attributes)

    <?php wpsc_the_custom_fields( ‘slug=YOUR_SLUG_GOES_HERE’ ); ?>


    P.S. Michael, can you please add the above into your documentation?  Thanks.


    By the way, the two places to put the above snippet into the product description

    around line 109 of wpsc-products_page.php
    around line 46 of wpsc-single_product.php

    You will find the above two files in your theme folder if you followed the installation instructions and let the plugin copy some files to your theme folder (WP Admin > Settings > Store > General tab) when you first installed the store plugin.

    As an example, I first added a custom product attribute (see previous post) called “Disk Length” which has a slug of “disk-length”. I then went into the product pages and filled in the field with some info. Finally, I put the slug “disk-length” inside the above two PHP files within the product description div container as shown below.

    <div class=”product_description”>
    <?php echo wpsc_the_product_description(); ?>
    <p>disk length:<strong><?php wpsc_the_custom_fields( ‘slug=disk-length’ ); ?></strong></p>
    </div><!–close product_description –>

    Michael Visser

    Hi fullmotiongroup, I will add this to the Usage page immediately. Thanks for your contribution.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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