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    I love the importer, however I do wish you can choose to not add a product if it doesn’t exist while merging.  To overcome this, I was trying to export what I have online and merge in excel then merge online, and It won’t export. It seems to go through the motions to do so, but my browser just sits waiting to download the exported file.  I have 7100 products on my site and I was just trying to export the basics ( sku) and nothing happens.  I even gave it time (over night) and it still stays in the same place. I have serer timeout set to unlimited.

    I’m running latest versions of everything and my browser is firefox.  Any ideas?


    Akela Imari


    Michael Visser

    Hi akelaimari, I’ve swapped the default behavior of the ‘merge Product details’ feature of our importer a few times based on different store owner needs, ultimately the ideal solution will be another import option to control how the merge feature works (e.g. import new Products and merge Products changes or, only merge Product details and skip new Products). I’ve added this to my todo list to introduce in a future Plugin update.

    Regarding the exporter not exporting Products, can you please confirm what e-Commerce Plugin you are using and the version. I’ll reproduce this and see if I can issue a minor Plugin update to resolve this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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