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    Dear support team,

    we would like to run export jobs at specific times of the day using server side cron jobs. But after a long time of testing it only seems to work:

    Running export jobs via the server side cron job is working. On the other hand the export job would also run at the time specified in the export job within the plugin’s scheduler.
    So, how can duplicate calls of the same export job be avoided when the server side cron uses the “scheduled_export” parameter?
    Using only the plugin’s scheduler seems to be unreliable.

    Can an export job be used only by a server side CRON job, but disabled within the plugin’s scheduler? Setting the post status to “draft” isn’t working.

    To set up the server side cron job, we used the following procedure:

    1. We disabled WordPress’s own cron job via “DISABLE_WP_CRON” constant.
    2. Running a server side cron job every 5 Minutes by calling “wp-cron.php” via PHP’s CLI version.
    3. Running a second server side cron job at a specific time by calling the “wget” command with the manually crafted URL like so:

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Michael Visser

    Hi Jens, thanks for raising this. Setting the Post Status of Scheduled Exports to Drafts should be enough to skip the export, also using the “One time” Scheduling option. You can then reliably generate Scheduled Exports using the manual CRON export engine as you’re doing via the crafted URL.

    Happy to look at this further with you as well as understand what version of our Plugin you are using (2.1.10?), please open a Support ticket so I can prepare an early release with debugging changes to investigate this.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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