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    When running this “command” to import a file already uploaded to my WordPress:


    I get the following log:

    Preparing data…
    Sufficient memory is available…
    Import file column validation failed
    Product columns have been grouped

    Generating Categories…
    Categories skipped

    Generating Tags…
    Tags skipped

    Generating Products…
    Products have been generated

    Import complete!

    Notice there is an error “Import file column validation failed”. The file I uploaded is a test file containing only one product, and that product was not added to my catalog. Any hints on what may cause that particular error message?


    I should add that the exact same file can be imported successfully using the manual “Upload file and import” button under the Import tab. The error reported above only happens when trying to use the Cron/URL feature.


    Michael Visser

    Hi pchen, thanks for providing this information, I’ll reproduce this and see what aspect of the CRON import is failing

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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