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    Hello Michael,
    Maybe I am missing something, how do I import only categories with PID? They can be exported usind SED, so I want to import them that way too.

    Michael Visser

    Hi Dima, thanks for asking. PID is limited to importing Categories linked to Products, as you’ve found, our new import Plugin Store Importer Deluxe (SID) is available to existing PID customers from My Account > Downloads and supports importing Categories as a separate import type; just like Store Exporter Deluxe lets you export different export types.


    It is a very early release so give it a try and if you need help please open a Support ticket and we can look at it together 🙂



    Oh happy to know that you have it released alredy!
    Few Questions:
    1) Will it install as separate plugin alongside PID?
    2) Will the plugin I made for PID work with this?
    3) Is this basically the same as PID but with more features or is it completely different?

    Michael Visser

    I’ll get a release post out this afternoon once I get through some more Support tickets, I did it quietly so that I’d have time to work with early release users last week as well as to prepare documentation and a decent release post. To answer your queries:

    1. Yes it is a separate Plugin and since PID and SID share the same AJAX import engine they don’t work well when activated alongside each other, on activation SID will de-activate PID.

    2. The Plugin you made for PID *may* work, I intend to keep as many WordPress Filters from PID intact as SID will some day replace PID, both Plugins will be actively developed as PID right now has much more Product import capabilities than SID.

    3. SID is a very early release but it is better in the hands of users than gathering dust on the shelf. Customers are buying PID for Product imports and get SID complimentary while the functionality is being built up. When SID is able to stand par for par against PID then I will deprecate PID but as above both will be actively maintained for the foreseeable future.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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