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    Everytime I update the plugin I have to change manually a line of code in /includes/release-3_8.php at line 303 (in wpsc_cf_value function):

    /* start CUSTOM  */
    //echo $output;
    return $output;
    /* end CUSTOM */

    I have to do this change because I made a custom template that uses do_shortcode to the $output of wpsc_cf_value function.

    Could be possible adding a function that *returns* the $output inseat of echoing it?

    I mean create something like:

    function wpsc_cf_value_return( $custom_field ) {
    // SAME code you have in wpsc_cf_value but changing last echo for a return.

    (And, if you want, change your wpsc_cf_value function to something like :

    function wpsc_cf_value( $custom_field ) {
    echo wpsc_cf_value_return( $custom_field );


    Michael Visser

    Hi jcs, I’ve made the above changes to enable you to use wpsc_cf_get_value(), it’s in the latest release that just went out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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