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    I have been trying to get in touch with the rdeveloper- I get server timeout (I have ini set to 300 -although my server max’s at 256 according to the plugin p[age max file upload size)
    I was able to load csv without images and finally a few would load before 500 server error.
    Now no error, (after removing plug ins and starting over) – nothing at all- after 5- 10 minutes my site resolved to logged in state on main page, WPMU main site.
    I also was not able to log back into this site with the credentials from the purchase so I had to reregister- strange thing is that I used the exact same information- but this page takes forever to load on all machines in my home and my android phone.
    I need support to get this plug in to function and cannot wait for tweaks and hacks.
    Please advise and thank you. I sure hope that it will work.
    It was able to load 750 products without images fine.
    I need to load 10 groups of 700+ products.


    Product – Importer Deluxe
    300MB upload php.ini
    address: forhuntersbyhunters.com
    Gold Cart, WP eCommerce
    Most recent versions of both- fresh install with both downloaded today.
    Read Me txt install instructions do not match WP 3.8 – they are backwards.
    Folders and location of plug in UI are wrong


    Read Me.txt
    ====== In WP e-Commerce 3.7 ======
    1. Open Store > Product Importer Deluxe

    ====== In WP e-Commerce 3.8 ======

    1. Open Tools > Import > Products Product Importer

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If following the 4.1 step above and using WP e-Commerce 3.8: Upload your Product images to /wp-content/uploads/%year%/%month%/, replacing %year% and %month% with the current year and month (e.g. June 4, 2011 is /2011/06/, etc.). Thumbnails are automatically generated in WP e-Commerce 3.8
    Completed this but was able too (only once) download 8 of 750 Images. Now nothing works -Imageattachment\correspond or csv


    Is there another place I can go to seek support for this purchased plugin?
    After disabling it my site works fine. I am unable to get it to function or to enable it and use my site.

    Michael Visser
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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