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    OK. found a bug in the latest importer.

    For some reason it completely messes up my categories, products are put into multiple categories, even though the CSV is very specific about which ones they should be in. The effect is totally random, effecting about 10% of products of about 2500.
    Ive tried deleting all products and reimporting and just about everything else, I’ve looked through the code, but could find no apparent issues with it.
    Ive had to roll back to 3.6 for stability.
    Any ideas what might be the problem?
    aaron gardiner


    Me too. Puts into cats I didn’t assign. also, messing up Cat>SubCat
    I just got 3.1.7.. Wish I had an older version.



    Hi, i’m also having this problem.

    3.1.7 seem to work fine with 2011 theme but with my ‘elegance’ theme, when I import a category i.e. belts using ‘Accessories>Belts’in the csv, they are importing into Accessories>Belts and Books. These categories appear as ticks in the category boxes in the back end and also as actual products in the front end. This also happens with other products importing into their correct categories and another random one.

    Rolling back to importer 3.1.6 solves that problem.


    I emailed him about 3.1.6, and rolled back, but still not working for me.


    Rolling back causes other issues for me so rolled forward again to 3.1.7. Will have to manually edit every product until this one gets a fix.


    yeah, me too, in addition to messing up the cats, 3.1.6 only uploaded 1/2 of a 33 product images I tried. i feel like Im kicking my own ass

    Michael Visser

    Hi Aaron and others, since this is a very difficult issue to diagnose I would appreciate access to some CSV’s – please e-mail to support@visser.com.au) as well as background information on the store; for instance:

    * are these affected Categories already created, or created by Product Importer Deluxe
    * also, is this when importing or merging?
    * what version of WP e-Commerce are you using?

    Thanks all, I’m going to release the 3.1.8 Plugin update – an update with all the features I’ve wanted to cook in for some time, e.g. progress bar, low memory, large catalogues, etc. – once this is sorted, so expecting release today or tomorrow depending on feedback to this issue.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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