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    Hello Michael,
    I have encountered a tricky issue with this. So we talking about adding more variations to existing product, which already has some variations. Now the issue is with attributes. Lets say we already have attributes A,B,C. We adding D,E. I have to import attribute field like this: A|B|C|D|E. If I only make it D|E, it will be only D and E since it changes the existing field.
    This presents a problem since for adding new, I need to have old. Maybe, as an idea, we could leave the attribute for product line empty, and then if the import will not find it there, it will add/create?
    Another idea (more complicated, but more flexible) is to give an option somewhere for the user to choose something along the lines of “add to existing attributes” while importing.

    Support Team

    Hi Dima, I can see where this would be a problem, a “add to existing attributes” import option will help here as would be treating the Attributes columns differently when merging (instead of requiring all Attribute values be filled). I’ve created a Trello card to look at this properly and will schedule in time to get this resolved

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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