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    Hi there,

    we recently purchased your plugin to allow us to add items manually to our shop, however the plugin doesn’t quite seem to work as intended in as far as when adding an order, I select a quantity of a particular product, fill in all of the fields and then press ‘create order’ – that seems to work, it reports a success but if you click on ‘view this order’ you are taken to the purchase log but the entry is empty – there is no product in it and the price is naturally therefore zero.

    I’ve looked at the mysql database to see if there’s a difference between a normal ‘web’ order and a manual order – your plugin does create an entry in the *_wpsc_purcahse_logs table as you would expect, however the price is zero and the only difference I can see between a normal order and a manual one is that the ‘billing_country’ column has an entry in the normal web order (“UK” in my case) but it is blank in the entry created by your plugin.

    The *_wpsc_cart_contents table has an entry for the ‘normal web’ order – which corresponds to the entry in the purchase logs above but it doesn’t have one for the manual order created using your plugin.

    I’m on a stock WP 3.01 install (also tried it under 3.0 too – same failure) with the latest version of WP E-Commerce ( and I have the GoldCart Plugin installed also. Other than yours there are no other active plugins. I’m running a sub directory multisite and I did some random checking and the table_prefix which your plugin uses is correct i.e. $wpdb->prefix returns the correct prefix.

    Any help gratefully accepted!


    Also on line 209 of the plugin, your form action, using the_permalink() doesn’t actually place an action into the markup of the page – I know this wont have any effect on the outcome, but just spotted it.

    Basically, it looks like the sql statements you use aren’t quite working properly – I’ve managed to create an entry myself by creating 3 sql queries in phpmyadmin which add entries to the wpsc_purchase_logs, wpsc_submitted_form_data and wpsc_cart_contents tables which then actually displays in the back end correctly.

    Michael Visser

    Hi winweb, I’m still trying to close this issue, it seems to be deeper than I thought. Continuing to investigate this issue and will notify you of changes and when a new version is available.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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