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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help.

    In my old shop ‘pre wp3.8’, on my product edit page, I had added some custom meta in the ‘Advanced Options’ box for my product rss feed. The info does not show up on my product page, but shows up in my product rss field which is great.

    One of these fields is

    459579578 etc.
    for the bar code.

    Now I have a clean install wpec 3.8.3 test site with no products and I want to upload all my product information via spreadsheets with the importer deluxe, but there does not seem to be an editable column for custom meta.

    So I assumed I have to add this invisible g:ean meta box into my new wpec 3.8.3 site via the custom fields plugin ( which then hopefully would allow me to add a column to my importer deluxe spreadsheet ??)

    So adding g:ean as a custom field via the plugin makes the option available on my test site product edit page, but when I add the code given i.e.

    to my wpsc_single_product_page.php – as I think we are supposed to, the ‘value’ number shows up on my product page but nothing shows up in the rss feed. (g:ean is needed for google products)

    I need to be able to upload all product information including the EAN using my product importer spreadsheets and also for the EAN to show in my RSS feed as it did before.

    Is there any way i can do this, I’m sure I’m going about this the long way, I’d really appreciate some help.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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