Product Importer Deluxe is a user-friendly Product importer enabling store owners to import Products, Variations, Categories, Tags, and other Product details into your WooCommerce store.

Upgrading immediately makes it possible to import:

  • Products – Simple, External, Variable, Variations, Simple Subscriptions and more
  • Global and per-Product Attributes
  • Featured Image and Product Gallery images
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Brands
  • File Downloads
  • Up-sell and Cross-sells
  • Custom Product meta

New Product import fields are being added with each major Plugin update and regular minor Plugin updates add new import fields ready to be included in imports.

Why use Product Importer Deluxe?

Product Importer Deluxe can generate new Products and/or merge changes against existing Products with live and post-import reporting. Product details assigned to Products within the CSV file are all generated at import time making setting up your next store’s Products a simple one-step import process.

To make store migrations even easier we include free licenses of our popular export Plugin Store Exporter Deluxe so you can immediately export Products from existing WooCommerce store’s ensuring import compatibility.

Native imports

We natively import Product details from many popular WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins including:

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Multilingual (WPML)
  • WooCommerce Custom Fields
  • WooCommerce Ultimate Multi Currency Suite
  • Simple SEO Meta Tags
  • YITH Brands
  • Jigoshop SEO Deluxe
  • Ultimate SEO
  • Yoast’s WordPress SEO
  • Custom Fields
  • MP3 Player Plugin for WordPress
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Advanced Google Product Feed
  • Related Products
  • Wholesale Pricing

Native support for additional Plugins are being added with each minor Plugin update and are available to import as soon as you update.



  •  WooCommerce (up to 6.0.*)
  •  Jigoshop (up to 2.1.*)
  •  WP e-Commerce 3.7 ready (up to
  •  WP e-Commerce 3.8 ready (up to 3.13.*)


The latest release can be downloaded from your My Account page as well as opening Dashboard > Updates from the WordPress Administration of your store.



Here's a showcase of Plugin testimonials received from the Comments section which make our day. :)

  1. IE Plantus

    Extremely useful with fast and brilliant support.

    Can't live without it ;-)

  2. IE Msharine

    This is a great plugin, exactly do what is says. I got Product Importer Deluxe as it includes Store Exporter Deluxe at a reasonable price.

    I have an issue with importing Stock by location, this plugin does it and works very well. The support is amazing especially Byron. He helps to the extend, even with importing. Thanks to him.

  3. IE Robert Tilton

    This is a great plugin, I got the bundle with Store Importer Deluxe and Store Exporter Deluxe.

    When I had questions about exporting and importing subscription product variations, support was quick to reply and was able to help me resolve my issue.

    Highly recommended!

  4. US Matthew Upton

    Byron offered top-notch product support for the Store Exporter plugin! Couldn't be happier with the purchase!

  5. HK Luke

    This Plugin, alongside Store Exporter Deluxe, is the linch pin of our website stock management. Every single custom use-case scenario anyone could have, I have encountered and Michael and his team have been nothing but incredible with their support.

    I've used this for years and as my review from a year ago said, I couldn't recommend it more vehemently.

    Great work guys, on the Plugin and the support.

  6. GB Brandon Lawrence

    Michael is quick at responding even when it was user error. Thanks for your help and creating this easy to use Plugin. Don’t know how you do it, but it makes my life a lot easier.

  7. CN Stefan

    Great Plugin that helps exporting and importing large amounts of Products - in particular Michael offers perfect support for implementing also new features to the Plugin, like in my case export and import of per-product add-ons of the WooCommerce Product Add-ons Plugin.
    You can see the result in

  8. US Ron

    Love this plugin, it's saved me massive amounts of time in analysing data and doing mass product updates. Michael is very attentive and quick to resolve any issues if there are any.

  9. AU Tim

    We use Product Importer Deluxe everyday and rely heavily on it working well every time for syncing data, stock, etc across our marketplaces. To date it's not let us down and Michael is super fast and helpful whenever we need help. This is a great tool standalone or better still with Store Exporter Deluxe. Buy it and be happy!

  10. AU MimsTech

    This Plugin makes the product import process clean & simple. I'm a novice however I had no problems uploading 8,000+ Products complete with images and custom meta data using the Plugin's simple interface. I can't speak highly enough of my experience using this product!

  11. US Tekguild

    Support is insanely good and Michael solved a bizarre FTP issue quickly, efficiently and professionally.

    I have to be honest - I use WPAllImport a lot and only came across Visser b/c WPAI doesn't support import via FTP. Now that I've seen what it can do and the quality of support, It's going right into my 'highly recommended' bin!

  12. JP Info579

    I love this Plugin! Easy to use and helpful documentation.

    And also, good support and quick response. I had a problem with some parts of the process of importing, but after I asked Michael, he solved my problem right away.


  13. SE Marcus

    Have been using since 2016. Great product, love the quick support and the Plugins functionality.

  14. VN Triều

    One of the most useful Plugins in my website. An enthusiastic and friendly support team.

  15. US Tulasi Zimmer

    We tried out several product import Plugins and WC Product Importer Deluxe is by far the best. Michael was/is extremely helpful in assisting us with minor problems in our data. He responds quickly and is very knowledgeable. We highly recommend this product.

  16. GB Tim

    Just wanted to say that I've tried one or two other import / export plugins for WC but Product Importer Deluxe is by far the best, particularly as it also comes with a license for Store Exporter Deluxe. I've found it very simple to use. It works with minimal configuration and it's saved me a huge amount of time. I must also add that Michael has been incredibly helpful too. Recommended.

  17. US Pborde

    Michael: Now that I have had the benefit of your great products and incredible support for 12 months, I want to tell you that I love your Plugins and your help has been tremendous. This is an absolutely essential Plugin for us.

  18. DE Dietrich

    Product Importer Deluxe works excellent!

  19. GB Osman Ahmed

    Hi, thanks for this amazing plugin!

  20. IE Andrew

    Thanks Michael :)

  21. GB Matt

    Hi Michael, really happy with the plugin, features & support. Thanks, Matt.

  22. GB Nikki

    Thank you Michael. :-)

  23. US Joshua Wilson

    Hello, iv been first using your plug in since it was first developed. I have 22 woocommerce stores with over 10,000 products a store. So i have a lot of importing to do. Once woocommerce came out with their own i started using theirs but its been no where as good as yours. With their plug in i can only import upto 50 products at a time and i keep getting duplicates that drive me annoying. I have to convert 1' 9MB excel file into 1,000 excel files. With your plug in i just keep importing the same excel file and it keeps importing without any doubles. Your picture placing is easier and i like your excel format. Its so much better than Woo's and i have so much to import. Thank you for your work and keep it coming :)

  24. US Ryan

    Hi Michael, Many thanks for the plugin, it's a great timesaver. Thanks, Ryan

  25. GB Paul Cutcliffe

    Excellent, thanks Michael - keep up the good work!

  26. ZA Kim

    Everything working GREAT :-)
    Thanks Michael - saving me time already!

  27. US Russ

    Thanks for the quick response. It's nice to see developers have this kind of interaction.

  28. US Robert

    Holly molly!!! That is the best $95.00 I ever spend. I am still experimenting with 6 items at a time, the product importer worked great LOVE IT.


  1. Dezza53 GB Dezza53

    I have just bought the importer and downloaded the exporter. I have paid twice for the importer as a message was displayed after payment saying that the payment was unsuccessful so please credit one 🙂
    I am now off to play with the plugins so dont be surprised if my next message will be a cry for help 😉

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi dezza, sent the refund, sorry about that! Happy importing! 😀

  2. Opal US Opal

    I am very very interested in this plugin. Please let me know when will this plugin be available for people to purchase? Thank you.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Opal, just waiting on the release of Jigoshop 1.0, once that’s locked down there’ll be an import/export/merge solution for store owners to use! 😀

  3. Paolo_B GB Paolo_B

    Hi Michael

    I’ve recently purchased the product importer deluxe and I’m getting round to R and D’ing it.

    Unfortunately I’m falling at the first hurdle as when I upload the CSV I’m just getting a blank screen. I tried it again with your downloadable test data and get teh same result.

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Paolo, this could be due to a permission issue, I’m adding in some file validation at import time to ensure store owners know when this is the case and what they can do to resolve this on their side. Feel free to contact me directly and I’ll confirm what’s causing this. 🙂

      • Paolo_B GB Paolo_B

        Hi Michael

        As per your offer to contact. Here I am.


  4. dezza GB Dezza

    I have one wp site with ecommerce plugin installed which downloads a xml file, but to upload it into anothr site the file has to be csv, when I try to convert it a error message tells me –
    -Invalid XML file. Please make sure the file is XML-compliant. Opening file ‘634624812379721589_shoeshoponline.wordpress.2012-01-18(1).xml’ did not complete. Execption message: The ‘content:encoded’ start tag on line 7411 position 4 does not match the end tag of ‘script’. Line 7425, position 9.

    How can I convert it to work with your program ?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi dezza, just to confirm you have an XML file which WordPress has exported which includes your other store’s Product details as Custom Post Types and are trying to convert into a CSV file so you can import it. You will need to download a software solution for this, alternatively you could use WordPress’s free site import solution and then export the Products into a CSV file with my free exporter Plugin.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Merv, please find the importer under Tools > Import > Products from the WordPress Administration. 🙂

  5. PaulCutcliffe GB PaulCutcliffe


    Can the Deluxe Importer set values used by the Wholesale Pricing plugin? For example, could you set the fixed price for a given role during the import process?


    Paul Cutcliffe

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Paul, that’s about to be released in 3.0.6, I’m just confirming changes to non-English characters have not affected the validation of Product details. 🙂

  6. PaulCutcliffe GB PaulCutcliffe


    I have a new problem – I import all the products with multiple nested categories, but I’ve recently added a single non-nested category as well. The products never get placed in these categories, and we have to add them manually.

    Any idea why this is?

    Let me know if you’d like an up to date version of our import file.

    Paul Cutcliffe

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Paul, I’ve got no problems here. Send through your CSV. 🙂

      • PaulCutcliffe GB PaulCutcliffe


        I’ve since worked out what’s happening, as I noticed that not only were none of the products going into the non-nested categories, but they were also being added to one of the subcategories that they shouldn’t have been in. However, the subcategory has the same name as the non-nested category, e.g.

        Product Type 1
        Product Type 2
        Product Theme 1>Product Type 1
        Product Theme 1>Product Type 2
        Product Theme 2>Product Type 1
        Product Theme 2>Product Type 2

        I’ve resolved the issue for now by renaming ‘Product Type 1’ to ‘Product-Type-1’, to continue the example above.

        Is it, or could it be, possible to use the Category slugs rather than the friendly names? As of course these have to be unique, whereas the names don’t.

        It doesn’t matter in this case as nobody ever sees the category name, as all products are listed by category short code (so we can order by Sku).


        Paul Cutcliffe

  7. Paul Cutcliffe GB Paul Cutcliffe


    I thought I’d already asked this, but I can’t find it here so maybe I dreamed it! :-/

    Would it be be possible to add columns to the import so you can specify the thumbnail sizes for each individual product? I believe this can be done within WP-Ecommerce, so maybe it’s just another couple of columns?


  8. PaulCutcliffe GB PaulCutcliffe


    Thanks again for all your support last week – the deluxe importer now works reliably every time!

    Just one thing – would it be possible to add the ‘Leave Comments’ field to the import process? We seem to have got this option ticked on all our products, & you an only change the default setting rather than all the existing products, but if it were possible to include the column in the import, then we could set them all that way.


    Paul Cutcliffe

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi PaulCutcliffe, there’s currently a Comments column but I’ll do some internal testing and see if this is linking to WP e-Commerce Products correctly. 🙂

      • Paul Cutcliffe GB Paul Cutcliffe


        Thanks. Did you manage to confirm that this is working?

        I would have ignored any ‘comments’ column, believing it should be populated with comments, rather than true/false to indicate whether users are able to leave comments.

        • PaulCutcliffe GB PaulCutcliffe

          Also, What kind of values should it contain?


          • PaulCutcliffe GB PaulCutcliffe

            I think it’s actually called ‘Comment Status’ – is that the column you mean, Michael?

            • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

              Hi Paul, that’s the one! I’m just wrapping up a Plugin update but will confirm if this is working as expected prior to release and if required patch it. 🙂

          • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

            Hi Paul, ‘Yes/No’ works fine. I’m adding in a function to parse all three of those different value sets to catch the different ways people build and maintain their Product catalogues. 🙂

            • PaulCutcliffe GB PaulCutcliffe

              I’m afraid “Comment Status = No” doesn’t work – all the products still have the comments box, which the client hates!

              • PaulCutcliffe GB PaulCutcliffe

                Am I right in thinking that this column matches up with this field on the Product page?

                Enable Comments: Use Default/Yes/No
                Allow users to comment on this Product.

                I’ve run the import (update) with ‘No’ & ‘Default’, and the weird thing is that products appear to have the value ‘No’ in this field, but the comments section still shows; yet if I then save the product with either Use Default (which is set to No) or No, then the comments section is replaced with ‘Comments are closed.’

                Where am I going wrong?

  9. carolette US Carolette


    The upgrades are working find. But all of a sudden all of my imports are being skipped. and it is not giving me any reason.

    Here is the message:

    Sufficient data was provided, beginning import…

    >>> SKU has been detected and grouped
    >>> Additional Description has been detected and grouped
    >>> Price has been detected and grouped
    >>> Weight has been detected and grouped
    >>> Height has been detected and grouped
    >>> Length has been detected and grouped
    >>> Category has been detected and grouped
    >>> Tag has been detected and grouped
    >>> Product Name has been detected and grouped
    >>> Description has been detected and grouped

    >>> Product Category: CHARLES 100 AMP 125/250 VOLT 50 FOOT CABLE CORD SET WHITE
    >>> Product Category: CHARLES 100 AMP TO 50 AMP 125/250 VOLT STRAIGH
    >>> Product Tags have been generated

    >>> Skipping import first Product row

    >>> Product: ‘Bennett DVD – Guy Harvey Underwater Realm: Sharks’
    >>>>>> Skipping Product

    >>> Product: ‘Bennett DVD – Guy Harvey Underwater Realm: Magical Encounters The Striped Marlin’
    >>>>>> Skipping Product

    … and it does this for my entire list. I have tried shortening the list, I have tried a different list, I have tried re-importing them. But I get the same message.

    Any solution?


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi carolette, is this occurring within a new store or are you merging Product changes? Thanks carolette. 🙂

      • carolette US Carolette

        I am merging product changes. It worked for my first 1000 products, but now it is not allowing me to update the other products.

  10. Andy US Andy

    Just purchased the latest version and am trying to use it. I have tried several files and continue to get the message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpsc_pd_return_count() in /home/content/86/8470886/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce-product-importer-deluxe/includes/products-importer.php on line 387

    I looked up line 387 and it is:

    foreach( $import->custom_options as $custom_option )

    Any ideas on what is wrong? I am fairly new around these files but should be able to muddle my way through it with a bit of direction.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Andy, thanks for raising this. From the 3.0.5 Plugin update line #194 contains ‘foreach( $import->custom_options as $custom_option )’ while line #387 does infact contain that line.

      I recommend removing the Plugin files and re-uploading as one or more files may have been corrupted during transfer. For your information the wpsc_pd_return_count() function is called by release-3.7.php or release-3.8.php depending on which version of WP e-Commerce is detected. If you’re running WP e-Commerce 3.8 it will be detected and that specific file loaded automatically. If you get stuck feel free to e-mail me and we’ll get to the bottom of this. Thanks Andy! 🙂

  11. Tom (hifiDesign) US Tom (hifiDesign)


    We’ve spoken on the GetShopped forums related to other plugins, so I’ve also posted with that handle, for continuity’s sake (yeah, I’m that annoying guy).

    I recently used Product Importer Deluxe 3.0 to import about 600 products. It worked beautifully with one exception. Specifying any categories more than 3 levels deep and the plugin ignores it. I ended up connecting that last level manually for all my products, and everything was fine… Until I needed to make a bulk change to product descriptions. That data refresh actually wiped my 4th level categories and now I’ve got to redo those from scratch. I’m hoping you can work a fix into one of your pending updates.

    The category column in my files is as follows: Figurine Urns>Dog Figurine Urns>A Dogs>Airedale. “Airedale”, in my imports is ignored on 1st import or gets wiped out in a data refresh. Everything above that gets autopopulated/changed without issue.

    • Tom (hifiDesign) US Tom (hifiDesign)

      After my post I found the section above explaining category depth. I see I am a bit out of luck. Would omitting the category column prevent the information being lost next go-around?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Tom, as there’s a limit on 3 level Category depth the 4th category will be ignored. This is done as the 4th Category will otherwise be a Parent Category. What I can do though is on merge’s ignore any 4th level Categories you may have already linked to. Will do my best to get this into 3.0.6 due in the next few days.

      In the new year I’ll be looking at a recursive solution to this that does away with a 3-level depth limit on Categories.

  12. Andrew Bossola US Andrew Bossola

    Hi again. I have products that vary in size for the thumbs. IE: some are horizontal and some are vertical. I see that on the product import there is only a way to select one size of thumbs. Is it possible to have different thumb sizes?

    • PaulCutcliffe GB PaulCutcliffe

      I too have the same requirement – some images are portrait in aspect, some are landscape, and I’d like to avoid having all the images as large squares that contain the correctly shaped image & lots of background colour.

      Is there any way to vary the image size for each product?

      My .csv file is exported from an Access database, so it would be easy for me to specify the image dimensions for each product type, then pull that into the export .csv file for each product, so that WP-Ecommerce can set the image size correctly for each product.

      As far as I’m aware, the Deluxe Imported doesn’t support any columns for specifying the image dimensions – is that correct?

      • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

        Hi PaulCutcliffe, the image import script for WP e-Commerce 3.7 uses the image width/height information which would be ideal for your needs. Unforunately WP e-Commerce 3.8 uses the Media Library to generate its own thumbnails based on the images sizes WP e-Commerce wants, I’ll have a look at whether we can pass it some new sizes to bring them both in line. 🙂

  13. carolette US Carolette

    I am getting the following error. What does this mean?:

    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/malachi1/public_html/ on line 1730


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Carolette, thanks for raising this, I’ve spotted the cause and am pushing out a minor Plugin update (3.0.5) to resolve this in the morning; it’s caused by the default dimensions meta not being filled at import time.

      Expect to see Wholesale Price support and possibly even Related Products in 3.0.6.

      • carolette US Carolette


        Thanks, I will be looking forward to this update. As you can tell, I figured out how to use the plugin :). I am looking forward to the videos to see what else the plugin can do.

        Thanks for your help.

      • Fernando Costa CL Fernando Costa


        Any updates on this? I need to launch a site for a client and I’m getting the same error, he’s getting a little impacient (bad timing).

        Regards and thanks in advance.

        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          Hi Fernando, the 3.0.5 Plugin update will be released in the next hour. Finalising testing here. 🙂

          • Fernando Costa CL Fernando Costa

            Thanks for you reply. I’m still getting 3.04 on the downloads section though…

            • Fernando Costa CL Fernando Costa

              Hey Michael, I’m haeing a very strange problem. Each time I use the importer it creates one empty category (no name) for each product imported. As you can Imagine, this is a very big problem (We have a lot of products)

              Any ideas on how to fix this?


              • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

                Hi Fernando, please ensure there’s no excess space within your spreadsheet between each Product Category. Feel free to send your CSV to me to confirm. 🙂

  14. Isabella AU Isabella

    Hi Michael,
    I was just wondering, is there a way to combine the benefits of Product Importer Deluxe and Related Products plugin? Ideally I would like to be able to add a column to the csv file that nominates the 6 specific related products that should show for a given product. Just wondering how I might be able to do it? It would save a massive amount of ticking time on related products plugin, especially when I have 6 ‘related ticks’ for each of about 200 products.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Isabella, I’ll have this in the 3.0.6 Plugin update due in the next few days. To give you time to arrange your CSV catalogue, it will use the Product’s SKU to link the Related Products. For instance:


      ‘EOE001’ being the SKU for a Product called ‘Modern Warefare for PC’, separated by the standard Category separator (defaults to ‘|’).

      • Isabella AU Isabella

        Hi Michael,
        just wondering if this (Product’s SKU to link the Related Products in csv) is ready to go?

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Supported Product fields

Please see the Trello boards listed on the Roadmap tab of this page.

Am I entitled to future Plugin updates?

You sure are, you can always download the latest release of your purchased Plugin from My Account.

What are the required product fields within the CSV to be imported?

The minimum data requirements for importing new products are:

  • Product Name

The minimum data requirements for merging Product changes are:

  • SKU

We recommend providing as a minimum for an operating store the following Product fields:

  • SKU
  • Product Name
  • Category
  • Price
  • Quantity (for stock limited products)

What import methods are available?

  • Import new Products only
  • Import new Products and merge Product changes
  • Merge Product changes only

Do you have a sample master products CSV file for Product Importer Deluxe?

Sure do, sample import files are available from the Product Importer Deluxe > Usage page.

Can I link a Product to multiple Categories/Tags/Images, etc?

Sure can, just put a '|' (vertical pipe) character between each item, currently all of the above are supported. In a near future Plugin update multiple file downloads will also be included.

Can I declare sub-categories and establish parent-child relationships with the included Product Category Importer for WP e-Commerce?

Roger that, when declaring a child Category ensure you use place an '>' (arrow) character between the parent and child. With the release of 2.6.5 you can drill down up to 3 levels deep, for instance:

  • Clothes>Men>Casual within the Category column of your CSV file will link a Product to Clothes, Men (as a sub-Category of Clothes) and Casual (as before).


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