Personalise your invoices by including details about your store. Printable Invoices supports the following invoice personalisations:

  • Store logo
  • Store address (street, city, state, postcode, country)
  • Store phone
  • Invoice header
  • Invoice message
  • Footer header
  • Footer logo
  • Footer message (e.g. Thank you for shopping with us!)
  • Show/hide template details

As well as standard order details:

  • Order date
  • Order #
  • Order checkout details
  • Product name
  • Product SKU
  • Product quantity
  • Product shipping price
  • Product tax (with Tax included)
  • Total discount
  • Total tax
  • Total shipping
  • Total price
  • Sale notes

WP e-Commerce Compatibility

  • WP e-Commerce 3.7 ready (up to 3.7.8)
  • WP e-Commerce 3.8 ready (up to 3.13.*)


The latest release can be downloaded from yourย My Accountย page.


Looking for support, a copy of the readme, Plugin updates, Ideas or usage instructions? Check out ourย Documentation for Printable Invoices.



  1. GSAstuto JP GSAstuto

    Hi there – I see the tax issue for the packing slip has been corrected. However , I’m still seeing ‘0’ for the Total Tax on the Printed Invoice – even though the Total Amount is showing correct Amount (including tax). Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi GSAstuto, this has been fixed in the 1.5.7 Plugin update.

  2. Amy US Amy

    I downloaded the plugin. All is working fine except the “tax” column says “$0.00” but the total price is showing the tax included, so it is just a bug in the tax column I guess. Can you fix this ASAP?

    • Amy US Amy

      BTW, thanks for all your quick responses in the past, it is a nice product, and even better that you are actually here to fix things and answer questions. I will defiantly use your stuff in the future too!

      • Chris IN Chris

        Whats the fix for this problem ?

        • Amy US Amy

          No idea, I haven’t gotten a response. Maybe in the works?

        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          Hi guys, looking at the tax problem now, had a few days with very limited internet access. Will have this sorted shortly! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Chris G GB Chris G

            Hi Michael

            Any more news on the double e-mail issue as its really holding me up now? Its getting to the stage where Ive either got to go live with PI disabled without the ability to print out usable invoices, or put up with the double e-mails and customers probably thinking theyve been billed twice etc.

            If it’s a tricky one to fix, for now all I need is to completely disable the e-mail functionality from within PI to let WPEC do it’s default e-mailing, which unfortunately the tick boxes in the PI settings page don’t appear to do.


            • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

              Hi Chris, I’m pushing out a minor 1.5.6 Plugin update so I can spend a bit more time testing different payment gateways against the Purchase Receipt override. The 1.5.6 update fixes the override checkbox so turning it off will mean WP e-Commerce’s standard templates are used. ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Chris G GB Chris G

                Excellent cheers, that’s imminent is it? If you need any testing done for Paypal gateways etc then let me know.


                • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

                  Hi Chris, the 1.5.6 Plugin update is now ready for download. I’ll continue testing the gateways to ensure things are stable in the morning then preparing another release. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Michael Major AU Michael Major

    I purchased this plugin and have had a play with it on a couple of websites. In general, I’m very happy with it and it does what it’s meant to do. I’ve picked up a couple of issues which appear to be bugs.

    I am using version 1.5.4 with WP-EC and Gold Cart 2.9.6.

    First, the plugin seems to convert the Purchase Report which is sent to the merchant to an HTML formatted email. As a result, there are no line breaks and it becomes hard to read. If I disable the plugin, the Purchase Report goes back to to text HTMLs and renders fine.

    Second, in some cases the customer receives two copies of the printable invoice. I have Replace WP e-Commerce Purchase Receipt ticked so I’m not getting that, but just two exact copies of the printable invoice sent to the same email. After some testing I’ve noted that this occurs when I use the eWay payment gateway. If I use the WP-EC test gateway I only receive one copy. However, if I disable Printable Invoices and use eWay as a gateway, I only get one purchase receipt as I should. So it appears that there is some kind of double send action between Printable Invoices and eWay and possibly other payment gateways.

    I have replicated these issues on a couple of websites, each with slightly different builds and quite different templates.

    Other than those issues, it’s a great plugin. Thanks.

    • ChrisG CH ChrisG

      “First, the plugin seems to convert the Purchase Report which is sent to the merchant to an HTML formatted email. As a result, there are no line breaks and it becomes hard to read. If I disable the plugin, the Purchase Report goes back to to text HTMLs and renders fine.”

      Im also having this issue, it looks like it should have some kind of CSS applied to format but it hasnt, so the report is just one big line with each component seperated with a comma.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi ChrisG, the 1.5.5 Plugin update sorts the formatting issue affecting the Admin Report. Customer’s may be receiving multiple invoices due to a bug in the way Sales are processed, WP e-Commerce tends to generate multiple invoices for me too. This is not a Printable Invoices issue but I’ll look into it and submit a patch where possible to the WP e-Commerce team. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Chris G GB Chris G

        Hi Michael

        I’ve now enabled Paypal (Standard) to do some final testing with live transactions and Im seeing this double e-mail invoice to the customer issue as well. To get a clearer picture I disabled Printable Invoices and found the two e-mails WPEC sends are a “order pending – payment required” e-mail and then a “purchase receipt” e-mail, why it doesn’t wait to see if the Paypal payment is confirmed before sending the first one I dont know!

        Anyway Im a newb with php but following a bit of googling I found the php file within WPEC that calls the pending payment e-mail, which is wpsc-transaction_results_functions.php in /wpsc-theme/functions. On Line 350 there’s this line, and by commenting it out I stopped the payment pending message being sent:

        wp_mail( $email, __( 'Order Pending: Payment Required', 'wpsc' ), $message );

        Without Printable Invoices enabled and this line commented out, I no longer get the pending email and only get a single Purchase receipt payment is successful e-mail sent to the customer, result!

        However, when I re-enable Printable Invoices the duplicate e-mails return, so Im not sure if your plugin is picking up on other aspects of the WPEC code to trigger the bypass of the WPEC emails and perhaps if there’s something else we could tweak to prevent it sending twice with Printable Invoices enabled?


        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          Hi Chris, thanks for the heads up. I’ll take a look at this snippet, I know there’s a transient for whether an e-mail has been sent that Printable Invoices checks but I’ll see what I can do for the payment pending. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • ChrisG CH ChrisG

            I assume your code intercepts the default WPEC request to print earlier on in the process which is why we still get two mails with the plugin enabled, but commenting out the odd line is about as far as my PHP knowledge goes so I dont fancy my chances of tracking it down!

          • Chris G GB Chris G

            Hi Michael

            To update this, hopefully Ive narrowed down the culprit a bit further.

            First off I configured my Paypal settings as per Lee Willis’s recommendations here:

            Interestingly he says to turn off IPN and turn off redirect back to the website, the IPN reply is done automatically anyway evidently which seems to be correct because as soon as the user pays it sets the transaction as Payment Accepted in WPEC whether it’s disabled or not. With the redirect setting turned off, as expected I just sat at the Paypal “You just completed your payment” page and didnt return to my site, and I noticed I only received a single invoice e-mail. As soon as I click the link to return to my site manually though and the transaction results page loads I get the second invoice e-mail, so it seems another e-mail is being triggered by the loading of that page in WPEC.

            If I disable Printable Invoices everything works as it should, unlike last night when I got a pending then confirmation e-mail, with my reconfigured Paypal settings from the above link I only get one confirmation (not pending) e-mail at the time of Paypal payment, and when I redirect back to my page I dont get the second e-mail when loading the transaction results WPEC page, so it would seem that there’s some logic in that page that recognises a confirmation has already been triggered because the IPN has replied back as successful.

            Am I therefore right in saying that your plugin maybe does need tweaking so it mimics the default WPEC behaviour and only picks up the initial e-mail triggered by the IPN reply when using Paypal, and doesn’t generate another when transaction-results loads following the payment?


            • Amy US Amy

              So did you guys ever figure out how to stop the 2 invoices? I am using and my site just stays on the Order Transaction summary page, it doesn’t redirect anywhere.

              • Chris G GB Chris G

                With Paypal if you want to return the customer you need to tell it to redirect back to your site otherwise it will stay on the Paypal page. Thats a setting within your Paypal account not WPEC, so I assume has similar settings?

              • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

                Hi Amy, I’ll be pushing out the 1.5.7 Plugin update tomorrow once I finalise testing of different payment gateways to make sure the duplicate invoice issue has been stomped. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Chris G GB Chris G

            Hi Michael

            Even if I untick “Replace WP e-Commerce Purchase Receipt” which I assumed would turn off the Printable Invoice email and revert back to the WPEC plain text one, the customer still gets the Printable Invoice (twice). Any ideas why this switch isn’t working, Im waiting to get my site live and want nicely formatted invoices to print but Id like to disable the e-mail override for now until the double e-mail issue can be fixed?


        • Nicole AU Nicole

          Im also having the issue where the receipt is sent twice on the latest version

  4. Chris G GB Chris G

    Hi Michael

    I see it mentioned earlier in this page regarding easier template customisation, has there been any progress on this yet? Id really like to reformat the invoice and shipping addresses side by side so they utilise the page space better, at the moment the two addresses take up over half the page and if the customer purchases more than a few items, the invoice wraps over onto a second page when printed and looks rather untidy. If not, perhaps you or someone else can advise how to modify the existing template to separate the array and format it side by side?

    One other observation is the colspan setting within the show discount loop (line 553) which is hardcoded to colspan=”6″. Is there a reason for hardcoding this rather than using “” as the total shipping and total tax lines use? Because its hard coded to 6, when I hide certain columns such as SKU it pushes the Discount row out of alignment compared to the other totals. In my template I’ve changed it with the above code to be the same as the shipping/tax totals and it now seems to align correctly, but is there a reason to leave it as is, or is it just an oversight in the code?

    many thanks

    • Chris G GB Chris G

      Sorry, the post removed the code, Im sure you got the gist Michael but for reference the quotes should show colspan set to: ?php echo wpsc_pi_total_colspan(); ?

      • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

        Sorting this out for the 1.5.6 Plugin update, will be due in a few days; looking at more alignment controls and template tags to help in customising the template. Suggestions welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • ChrisG GB ChrisG

          Excellent, I’d really love this side by side address option to better use the page and open up the option of printing landscape, and/or an option to remove the shipping address so there’s only the invoice address on the page.

          Also perhaps an option to print a formatted packing slip, which could simply be the same as the invoice but just a list of items without the prices being displayed.

        • Chris G GB Chris G

          Hi Michael

          Could you give us an update on how you’re getting on with the address formatting, Im now live and with anything more than about 4 items the invoice starts to roll onto a second page so I could really do with positioning the two addresses side by side and possibly having the option to change the font size etc too.


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi ChrisG, I’ll take a look into this. I agree we should be avoiding fixed values where possible, I’m very happy to be getting away from hardcoded values so will check this out and include it in the next Plugin update. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Chris, you can manage side-to-side layout of Checkout form fields in the 1.5.7 Plugin update. I’m checking this Plugin on a test site with the latest WP e-Commerce to confirm whether the duplicate Purchase Receipt e-mails are now resolved.

  5. Amy US Amy

    Does this plugin include the custom checkout fields, their labels and the information that the client enters into them? Let me confirm, this plugin automatically send this receipt in place of the current one to customers?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Amy, currently invoice templates are based on fixed Checkout rows (e.g. Billing First Name, Billing Last Name, etc.) this will be gone in the 1.5.3 Plugin update expected next week. And yes, invoice receipts are sent to customers and can be configured to be instead of the default WP e-Commerce Purchase Receipt via the Settings > Printable Invoices page. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Amy US Amy

        I see you released another update. Does this mean your new purchase report shows the custom checkout fields too?

        • ChrisG GB ChrisG

          Hi Amy

          I recently purchased this plugin and it shows a custom “Additional Information” checkout field that I added, so I assume the answer is yes ๐Ÿ™‚


          • Amy US Amy

            Excellent, Chris, thanks for the replay. I saw your comment above about the format of the Purchase report. You are saying that the plugin changes the report sent to the owner to look like one big paragraph or is this only for certain gateways? I like the default purchase report sent to the owner, it is only the customer report I wish to modify to reflect all information from the checkout area.

            Thanks for your help!!!

            • ChrisG CH ChrisG

              Hi Amy

              The issue is the default Admin report changes, I use a simple Admin Report like this

              Order Number: %purchase_id%


              If Printable Invoices was disabled that would be sent in plain text but in a formatted manner with each input on a seperate line, but with the plugin enabled they would come out like this, all on one line

              Purchase # 123 Customer Details First Name: Chris Last Name: Surname Address: 1 City: My City County: My County Country: U.K. Postal Code: postcode Email: First Name: Chris Last Name: Surname Address: 1 City: My City County: My County Country: U.K. Postal Code: postcode Phone: 01234567890 Additional Information: additional info Order Number: Purchase # 123 – 1 White (0.3m x 0.3m) ยฃ1.50 Total Shipping: ยฃ1.25 Total: ยฃ2.75

              Its not a huge issue as it’s only for my wife’s business and generally the e-mail is simply a prompt to log into WordPress and process the order, but it would be nice if it was formatted for quick reference when the e-mail arrives as it is by default without the plugin.


              • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

                Hi Chris, thanks for raising this. I’ll make sure the mail format is reset after the Printable Invoice is sent to the customer. ๐Ÿ™‚

                • Amy US Amy

                  Does that mean you are fixing the issue?

                  Also, just to confirm, these invoices are AUTOMATICALLY sent out after each purchase in the place of the default customer receipt, correct? I don’t want to have to login to wordpress and manually send it every time.


                • ChrisG GB ChrisG

                  Cheers Michael ๐Ÿ™‚

                  Amy yes it replaces the WordPress auto generated plain text customer message they get straight after ordering, no manual intervention required.

                • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

                  Amy, as Chris said. I’ve wanted to cook this feature in for a long time, no manual intervention required. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. chris GB Chris

    I have just downloaded this but the version is 1.5. I was expecting 1.5.2 with the option to replace the WP E commerce purchase receipt.

    • cudafunk US Cudafunk

      Same response. How do we get to 1.5.2 ?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Chris, updated the download link. 1.5.2 is ready for downloading, working on the overhaul of Checkout fields for 1.5.3, should sort Amy’s enquiry above. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • chris GB Chris

        Hi Michael
        Thanks, I managed to install 1.5.2 just after I submitted my post.
        Slightly off-topic but something that is affecting me using your product – do you know anything about the WP e-commerce bug which stops the purchase notification being sent out? I’ve had a couple of developers working on it but still we can’t get the blasted confirmation receipt sent out.

  7. Ciaran Whelan AU Ciaran Whelan

    Hi michael.. Perhaps I can help soon. We are developing what I have sent you further to be more of a plugin with the same look and feel of what I sent. I have a few developers that will be focussing on this after a project I am on right now. At least with an HTML tables version it is easily modified.
    So once I have this project out the way, I will be paying a few developers to make exactly what I need. I will send it your way after it is done.


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Ciaran, I recommend pulling the e-mail replacement code out of my Plugin, you can then focus on building the e-mail template engine as a separate Plugin or even merge it into Printable Invoices; happy to collaborate.

      I’m pretty excited to add in my own e-mail personalisations once I get downloadable files support cooked into the next Plugin update, be that layouts, fonts, colours, etc.

      This site being what it is relies on file downloads working so I’m stuck with the default WP e-Commerce Purchase Receipt for a little longer… definitely will be using Printable Invoices soon though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Nicole AU Nicole

    I can’t work out how the customer actaully recieves the invoice? I have done test purchases and I do not receive the invoice after purchase. Please advise ASAP

    • cudafunk US Cudafunk

      I am having the same issue Nicole. Did you figure anything out. I’m thinking of filing for a refund.

      Any help is appreciated greatly ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

        Hi cudafunk, I’ve responded to your enquiry. Please see my response as well as Nicole’s reply below. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Nicole, please update to the latest Plugin update. There’s a new option under Settings > Printable Invoices to replace the WP e-Commerce default Purchase Receipt, do note though that by doing this file download links will not be issued as I have not added support for them in Printable Invoices.

      I may need to rename this Plugin as it’s quickly shaping to become the HTML e-mail replacement for the default Purchase Receipt e-mail in WP e-Commerce. Some ideas for a Plugin name?

      • ChrisG GB ChrisG

        Hi Michael

        Some names / ideas whilst Im having a coffee…

        Invoice Manager
        Customer Communication Manager

        If you were looking to expand functionality outside of the invoice area, a nice little addition might be to format the WPEC Tracking ID / Send custom message functionailty so it matches the invoice format, and perhaps add an action below Print Invoice to print formatted customer address information for delivery labels, with space for injecting the company logo etc if possible.


        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          Hi Chris, thanks for the suggestion. I really like Invoice Manager, especially after cooking in support for the Admin Report and Tracking ID/Custom Message templates, labels shouldn’t be too hard! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Sarah US Sarah

    Does this plugin automatically generate the invoice from the information the customer enters when buying a product (shipping/billing address/name/email/product ordered/order total, etc)? Or do I have to manually type it in?

    Also, does the system generate a packing slip from the invoice, or can it be customized to generate a packing slip (our packing slip is the same as the invoice, but pricing details and a few other fields from the invoice are missing).

  10. Ciaran Whelan AU Ciaran Whelan

    Hi Michael,

    I see you have an update to the invoices, have you managed to roll out our templates into this update? I have requested my developer to make our template into a completed plugin, but there seems to be an issue that it has to have a file manually placed into the wp-e-commerce files. Is this where you are at also?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Ciaran, sure have. Ended up finding a way to generate the invoice as part of the Checkout process and without any modification to WP e-Commerce which is pretty neat. Feel free for your developer to take a look at how I did this, there’s even an option to override or send the Printable Invoice along with the Purchase Receipt that WP e-Commerce generates. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ciaran Whelan AU Ciaran Whelan

        LOL… Hi Michael… looks like I replied same time as yours. OK, so we are thinking on the same lines, although I have not had the developers look into anything just yet. Without those small files I sent you to place in wp-e-copmmerce sounds like the right way to make it into a fantastic plugin.

        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          We’re seasoned comment ninja’s. That’s correct, those small files were one way to go about it but avoiding the need to emulate an Administrator logging into the WordPress Administration on each Sale is the way to go. I’ll respond to your comment above too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Kristjan IS Kristjan

    How about using this with wpec shops in other languages then English?
    Do I have the option of adding translations myself if need be?

    best regards

    • Michele IT Michele

      Me too

  12. Poney AU Poney

    Hi Michael,

    Is there also any way to show the sub total?

  13. florian sticher CH Florian sticher

    Hey Michael
    I am not a neewbie – but could not move forward ๐Ÿ™‚

    After Buying, installing and configurating printable invoices i dont find the “store” printable invoice section. I have the latest WP E Commerce Version and the latest WordPress 3.2.1

    I dont have a separate Tab or Menu on the Left what says “Store”.
    Maybe cause i have a german installation of WP and WP EC?

    So the Question is: where to hell is the button that i can get an overview and print the invoices? Thanks and Regards,


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Florian, that could be a problem. Open up your Store Sales page under Dashboard then click on an individual Sale, from here you should see a Print Invoice link under actions. Hope this helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. alex US Alex

    Same here regarding two columns for the data at the top.

    If there were a way to do it cleanly, it would be really nice to have a more easily editable layout. Perhaps a default layout of raw html with tags for where the data should go, and the ability to reset the layout to the default in case they mess it up.

    I would also really like the ability to print the shipping method chosen next to the shipping total, rather than just saying “Total Shipping.”

    I also need to be able to hide the notes attached to the order, because information from my payment gateway gets logged there, and it shouldn’t be included on the invoice.

    Do you accept code contributions?

    Overall a great plugin, thank you.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Alex, thanks for the suggestions. I’m getting better at making it easier to manage the presentation of templates via the Settings page as I’ve just given OCCP a major overhaul in that department. I’ll add some options to show/hide elements as well as add in some new details; e.g. Shipping method.

      I’ve thought of a way to do split columns but will require the columns to be matched under the Settings page, it would be a once off thing. Love contributions, the beer donation form is at the footer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Poney AU Poney

    I too would like to see the billing and shipping details in one row instead of two. I also need the option of removing the SKU as my SKU is in the title and I use the suppliers SKU under SKU which I do not want printed on my customers invoice.

    Please can you do this?

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Can I send an invoice along with the Purchase Receipt sent to the customer?

Sure can, support for sending a Printable Invoice along with the Purchase Receipt at Checkout has been added in the 1.5.2 Plugin update. You can even replace the standard WP e-Commerce Purchase Receipt with Printable Invoices if you choose to.

Can the styled invoices from this plugin completely replace the plain text purchase receipt?

Sure can. Please find the "Replace Purchase Receipt..." option under Settings > Printable Invoices. This will replace the default WP e-Commerce Purchase Receipt template with the one you view via Dashboard > Manage Sales.


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