Plugin update: Printable Invoices – 1.6.5

The 1.6.5 Plugin update for Printable Invoices fixes compatibility with WP e-Commerce 3.8.10 and above and adds a set of new template hooks to allow us to integrate other Plugins into our invoicing engine.

Duplicate invoices fixed

This update addresses the issue where both Printable Invoices and WP e-Commerce generate invoicing e-mails.

Here’s the complete changelog:

  • Fixed: SimpleImage.php requirement prompt
  • Fixed: SimpleImage.php not being detected
  • Added: Migrated Settings form to use options standard
  • Added: Print Invoice button to Manage Sales
  • Added: Support for WP e-Commerce
  • Added: Standard set of template hooks to e-mail templates
  • Fixed: Load WordPress Theme stylesheets when not active as WordPress Theme

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Printable Invoices.

Plugin update: Printable Invoices – 1.6.3

Hi WPER’ers, the 1.6.3 Plugin update adds support for customising the Pending Order: Payment Required e-mail (sent to the customer where the payment has not yet been processed, ala. Manual Order) as well as Admin Report/Purchase Report (customer and order details that is sent to the store owner). The new e-mail templates will only be enabled if ‘Replace WP e-Commerce Purchase Receipt’ is checked from the Settings > Printable Invoices screen.

We’ve also addressed an issue whereby file downloads were not checking the Sale Status.

Note: This is a major Plugin update for Printable Invoices and new options for Pending Order and Admin Report are available via Settings > Printable Invoices within the WordPress Administration.

We’re now moving focus to ensuring compatibility with the upcoming 3.8.9 release of WP e-Commerce which uses a new Purchase Log Notification Class which will not work with the current Printable Invoices. As mentioned on our recent Urgent update notice to Printable Invoices users (which will be followed up tomorrow with an e-mail to affected customers) we recommend postponing store updates to 3.8.9 until a minor Plugin update for Printable Invoices is released, as we do not know when the next WP e-Commerce release will be made we want to give you a heads up prior to making the jump.

As always download the latest Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Printable Invoices.

Plugin update: Printable Invoices – 1.5.8

Hi WPEC’ers, the 1.5.8 Plugin update includes a few feature requests (thanks Neil Sabharwal) to integrate Offline Credit Card Processing into the Printable Invoice template as well as add a new template element that displays the Purchase Method (e.g. Credit Card, PayPal Standard, Cheque, etc.).

Other changes in this Plugin release include another new template tag to display the Session ID for the Sale, the Store Address field now accepts multiple lines (e.g. Visser Labs, PO BOX 532, St Lucia South) as well as some GST tax presentation changes. 🙂

Plugin and Theme authors can use the provided hooks and filters to extend the Printable Invoice template. The Offline Credit Card integration now available makes use of these new filters.

As always, download your Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates or jump over to the Plugin detail page for more information.

Plugin update: Printable Invoices – 1.4.7

The 1.4.7 minor update overhauls the header and footer logo support, this was needed as there were some environments where the correct directories (e.g. /uploads/wpsc/…/) were not being created.

The next Plugin update will add support for custom logo sizes as well as the ability to switch between cropped/uncropped oversized logo resizing. There’s a fix for tax support in there too, aiming for an end of week 1.4.8 release.

As always, download your Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates or jump over to the Plugin detail page for more information.

Printable Invoices jumps to 1.2

A minor upgrade from 1.1 to include better support for foreign currency, here in Australia and New Zealand the dollar is the standard currency so it slipped my mind that customers in other countries would not be use this standard… this is all sorted now in 1.2

I’ll be making another release of this Plugin soon to include better templating support as well as a few features that have been suggested to me, for instance custom Invoice number. As always you can download the latest release from the Premium Plugin Updates page.

Order notes added to Printable Invoices

Just a quick update, order notes have been added to 1.1 of Printable Invoices.

Next update will include selectable options to control what store details appear in order invoices, as described in this Idea. As a side note, Product Importer Standard has been updated to 1.2 with support for Plugin update notifications.

Update: Migrating Add to Wishlist to a WordPress Plugin this long weekend, stay tuned.

Generate detailed sales invoices with Printable Invoices

Stop spending time creating printed invoices after each purchase in your WP e-Commerce store, use Printable Invoices.

Today I published Printable Invoices for WP e-Commerce, a Plugin for WP e-Commerce allowing store owners to provide sale invoices to customers in printed or electronic form. Take a look at the screenshots below and jump over to the detailed Product page for Printable Invoices.