Hiding Awaiting processing, On-hold, Out of stock elements from the WooCommerce Status Dashboard widget

I’m making an effort to share the WooCommerce snippets powering visser.com.au, some are complex others like this PHP/CSS snippet has a simple purpose to hide non-relevant elements from the WooCommerce status Dashboard Widget. As a WooCommerce store selling non-physical goods I have no need to see Products that are either:

  • awaiting processing
  • on-hold
  • low in stock
  • out of stock
  • etc.

In the above screenshot I left the WooCommerce Subscriptions elements intact but those too can easily be hidden by fetching the HTML class associated with each element (signup-count and renewal-count).

Add the following to your Theme’s admin.css – this file is dedicated to WordPress Administration styling (if available) – otherwise use the bottom snippet which can be added to your Theme’s functions.php.

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This is the alternate snippet to be used where the Theme’s admin.css is unavailable, add this snippet to your Theme’s functions.php

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That’s it! 🙂