My Favourite WordPress cForms Styling Skin

Every WordPress site – without exception – I build has the free WordPress plugin cForms somehow tied in, it’s the ultimate contact form e-mailer plugin for WordPress and Delicious Days have carved out a beautiful solution.

I feel an area for improvement that the cForms community can deliver are great looking ‘skins’ for cForms II; the developer of cForms II refers to them as ‘styles’ but that’s just confusing for newbies. I’ve uploaded the cForms II skin I use here on my Visser Labs Contact page, I hope it brightens up your site!

Download Visser Labs skin for cforms II


  1. Extract cforms-visserlabs.css to your Desktop
  2. Open your preferred FTP editor to connect to your website
  3. Create a new directory in /wp-content/plugins/… called ‘cforms-custom’ if you haven’t already
  4. Upload cforms-visserlabs.css to /wp-content/plugins/cforms-custom/
  5. Log in to WordPress Administration
  6. Open cforms -> Styling
  7. Select cforms-visserlabs.css under *** custom css files *** within the Styling drop-down
  8. Press Select Style to save changes

That’s it, now open a WordPress Post or Page that contains a cForms contact form and your contact form should be looking slick.