Quantity On Hand added to Bulk Product Manager for WP e-Commerce

Another day, another update. I’ve added Quantity on Hand (QOH) support to Bulk Product Importer for WP e-Commerce.

Store owners can now manage Products with limited quantities, enabling and disabling limit quantity and quantity value on a per Product basis. I’ll be overhauling support to bulk updating of quantity options in future releases.

Brisbane Bar Scene Website Development

One of my favourite bars in Brisbane has no website, I find that a joke in todays online society! So, to kick things off not only am I going to build a website about the bar, I’m going to look into the possibility of a website dedicated to daily specials at each bar in and around Brisbane. This is going to be a big win for the bar as well as Brisbane’s night scene as I envision increased foot traffic from visits to the sites.

If this works out for the first bar I’m going to move onto the next…