“Sorry, online ordering is unavailable to this destination and/or weight” on Checkout

First check shipping is enabled and you have correctly configured each shipping module:

  1. Open Store > Settings > Shipping
  2. Ensure that Enable shipping is checked
  3. Ensure a shipping module is selected and corresponding module settings (click Edit) within each selected shipping module are filled correctly

If you’re using Product variations ensure each variation has a weight setting associated it, if you do not set a variation weight the shipping calculation will not be available in Checkout.

To add the weight setting to Product variations:

  1. Open Store > Products from the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Open a Product > under Variation Control click the More icon (bolt with plus sign)
  3. Set weight values within Weight Settings
  4. Repeat this for all variations within the Product
  5. Save changes

How do I display remaining stock on a Product page?

Insert wpsc_product_remaining_stock() into your Single Product template.

How can I import a Product master file/catalog into WP e-Commerce?

If your Product master file is a CSV-formatted file you can use Product Importer Deluxe for WP e-Commerce to import Product Categories and Product details.

Can I integrate WP e-Commerce Product search into the default WordPress search?

Yes you can, purchase Simple Unified Search for WP e-Commerce.

How can I stop guests from downloading my electronic Products by using the ‘/downloads?true’ exploit?

Upgrade your WP e-Commerce Plugin immediately, alternative you can apply this manual patch, WP e-Commerce Guest Downloads Exploit.

I want to allow my customers to e-mail their friends from the Products page, how can I do this?

Purchase Send to a Friend for WP e-Commerce.

How can I display a text field on specific Product pages where someone can enter text that is included in the Purchase Receipt?

  1. Open Store > Products
  2. Within Add/Edit Product and under Personalisation Options tick the option called ‘Users can personalize this product by leaving a message on single product page’
  3. Save changes to the Product

How can I add a Facebook Like button to my Product pages?

Download Facebook Like Buttons for WP e-Commerce, it’s free!