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    I’ve just bought your importer plugin, and absolutely love it! Its a real time saver.  My site has thousands of items on it, I imported from a drop shippers spreadsheet.  My question is this:  I get weekly updates on what my drop shipper’s inventory is.  How do I or can I re-import these spreadsheets to reflect current quantities and prices?

    Akela Imari


    Michael Visser

    Hi akelaimari, good to hear!

    You can merge Product changes at any time by:

    1. Upload your new spreadsheet
    2. Ensure that the SKU is assigned to the right CSV column as a minimum
    3. Link up your other Product details to CSV columns
    4. Under Import Options check the tickbox “I am merging Product changes”
    5. Click Import

    The Quantity column should be used to reflect quantity changes, setting to ” (blank) will make the Product not quantity-limited (e.g. unlimited stock), setting to ‘0’ (zero) will make the Product unavailable.

    The Price and Sale Price columns reflect Product Prices, please remember that a positive Sale Price amount will override the Price within the Storefront (e.g. a Price of $50.00 and Sale Price of $45.95 will mean the customer see’s the Product Price as $45.95).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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