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    Hello Michael,
    We have discovered what looks to be a bug with importing categories. Basically it has to do with same name categories that appear in different places in category hierarchy. Here is an example to to illustrate this:

    So import category path is this: G-Protein Coupled Receptors>Cardiac Membrane Proteins>GPCRs>Antibodies
    It meant to be “G-Protein Coupled Receptors” as root category. Also this category name exists as a subcategory under another root category. And when imported it will import it here: screen, probably because its the first place it finds this category name.

    I understand the difficulty here, but still there needs to be a solution for this. You can treat the path strictly as first category must be root category.


    Support Team

    Hi Dima, I’m working through these new topics (I forget to check the Topics section as 99% of enquiries go via Support). I’ll respond to all new topics now and queue them up on my Feature request and Issues lists.

    Support Team

    Hi Dima, I’ve created a Trello card to resolve this issue and will schedule in time to get this resolved as there is no easy resolution here in the interim as Category generation and linking Products to existing Categories is quite complex.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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