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So I have 3 problems:
When I am in download section, the source code looks like

The filename is missing and when I give the link into browser, I get a message:
This download is no longer valid, Please contact the site administrator for more information.

Where is my last topic in forum? It is deleted, or? And why you don’t give me a response from contact formular

My last(or my first) problem is the encoding

When I importing the CSV into my page, on importer page(in admin) it looks good.
Something like this: http://importer.knihkupectvo-in.sk/Product-importer.pdf

But the products on the page(frontend) are bad.
It looks something like this: http://importer.knihkupectvo-in.sk/Product-page.pdf

I was trying more encoding, for example: CP1250, UTF-8, ISO-8859-2, but the output is with some differences the same. The best output was after use UTF-8 encoding. But is is still bad, as you can see. For example instead of PRECVI?ME SI PRAVOPIS 5. RO?. ZS on the page I have something like PRECVIÄM?E SI PRAVOPIS 5. ROÄ.?ZS. The categories are also bad, as you can see in PDF examples.

When you response me so loooong, I look into source code of your plugin and I see, you convert the encoding into ISO-8859-1 format. But it is bad, because ISO-8859-1 don’t know every symbols from UTF-8 or CP1250 or ISO-8859-2. It is bad, because after this operation are some characters replaced to question mark symbols.

Can you explain me, why you do this operation in importer? All the wordpress is in UTF-8 but only your plugin(plugin to wordpress) work with ISO-8859-1. Can you fix it? In this moment I have replaced the character converting part, but in next release, my changes will be overwritten. So I prefer the variant, you add this fix to the release. Or you can add the option to select source character encoding? It will be better 🙂

This is only tips, but in in any case, it is strange the all wordpress work with UTF-8 but only your plugin to wordpress work with ISO-8859-1.

And I cannot use ISO-8859-1, because very much characters are missing in this format.
For example, ISO-8859-1 don’t have symbols like “?”, “?”, “Å¡”, “Å “, “ž”, “Ž”, “?”, “?”, “?”, “?”, “ô” and many others 🙂 please fix it