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Sorry, amy_oneal you are quite right… the first fix should be applied to /templates/store/wpsc-account_wishlist.php and the second to add-to-wishlist.php in the main wishlist plugin folder. I was a bit pushed for time when I posted these fixes. If the plugin now tells you the message is being sent then the code that is sending them should be being executed. Try adding the following to line 535 from
$message = __( ‘Your message has been sent. Send another?’, ‘wpsc_at’ );
$message = __( ‘Your message has been sent. Send another?’.$wpsc_friend_email, ‘wpsc_at’ );
this should print out the email address that the message should be sent to… if there is no email address printed out after the ‘Your message has been sent. Send another?’ then there is a problem elsewhere, otherwise do the usual checks of spam filters your end.

Just noticed too that the email will be sent from the address it is being sent to… I suspect that line 534 should read
wp_mail( $wpsc_friend_email, $wpsc_email_subject, $wpsc_email_body, “From: ” . $wpsc_your_email );

I too am none too happy about paying for a plugin that doesn’t work at all and that requires me to spend hours debugging to even approach the functionality I paid for