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Michael, my programmer sent you an email yesterday highlighting the problem with certain sub-categories becoming mis-linked.

Eg on the website I sent you, the permalink names are fine for categories and sub-categories. However, the next categoriy deep (sub-sub-cayegories) is where the links start to become mis-named – just wanted to clarify that.

Also, as you’ll see from the source CSV that I sent you, sub-sub-categories are being inserted under categories where they don’t belong.

You can understand the mounting frustration I am beginning to feel over this – project delayed for months and potential loss of income to name but two.

I do have a very good programmer available to me, and am happy to make his skills available to get this sorted once and for all…just say the word. I have asked him to look at your code, but to reverse-engineer and patch/fix it just too time-consuming (time = money!).

Judging from other forum posters here, there are clearly quite a few having issues (and even f they’re in the minority, they still deserve to have software that performs the function is was stated to perform).

Help us to help you get this right please, Michael…once it is working, we want to roll out several other sites, and not to mention being able to sell more copies of the Importer to clients hungry for a WordPress-based store…

*Am officially begging now*