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chris stegner

OK. I had the Plugin in the right directory. When I put the wp-e-commerce-offline-credit-card.php file in the merchants folder of the wp eCommerce folder I cannot get into the admin section of the site. I get the following error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare vl_wpsccc_admin_init() (previously declared in /home/content/86/6870286/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce-offline-credit-card/wp-e-commerce-offline-credit-card.php:35) in /home/content/86/6870286/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/merchants/wp-e-commerce-offline-credit-card.php on line 34

As soon as I remove it via ftp, it goes away.

Just to note, when I install the credit card plugin (also in the correct place… plugin directory) it has the wp-e-commerce-offline-credit-card.php file loose in the plugin’s folder, it also has a folder in the plugin’s folder called “Merchants” with the wp-e-commerce-offline-credit-card.php in it as well.

I’ve tried all variations of file locations. the wp-e-commerce-offline-credit-card.php file in ONLY the wp eCommerce merchants folder, the same but with the file also in the installed locations, and same without the file in the installed locations.

I need this fixed or I need to go way backwards and choose another eCommerce solution. I have many hours in this job already, so obviously I prefer getting this solution to work for my customer.

There was a note about a new version (this week) that set this all up during the install. The week is almost over. Is that still planned to happen?

As mentioned before, I can provide any and all login information if it would be helpful in correcting the problem.

Thanks in advance for the help.