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Michael Visser

Hi sami1255, thanks for raising this and taking the time to clearly explain the issues you’re experiencing. I’ve taken your original query and added notes.

– Editing quantity or price of product doesn’t change

The quantity not changing is an obvious issue, can you confirm if that Product is a variation or standard Product; it will help me reproduce this. I’ve sent you an early release of the next Plugin update in the hopes that it has been resolved.

Because the Sub-total field was pre-filled from the original Sale that amount was unchanged after saving, to let Edit Orders calculate an updated Sub-total for you currently you need to fill the Sub-total field with a ‘-‘ (dash) character. I don’t like this approach though and will add a ‘Calculate Sub-total’ button beside Add Products so this is clearer.

– If we add an existing product, the product quantity should increase by 1, currently it adds it as a separate product.

Adjusting the Price of a cart item does update the Sale, this can be confirmed by opening the Sale Details screen for that Sale. I’ve added a redirect option to the Edit Orders Setting screen so store owners – if they want – can redirect after editing a Sale straight to the Sale Details page for that Sale instead of the Edit Orders overview screen.