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Hi, i’m getting the same problem. Running WordPress 3.0.1 in single site mode with Product Importer Deluxe 2.6.1.

I have it installed WordPress in a sub-directory while i’m testing and adding content – and the current (non-wordpress) live site at the root level funnily enough uses fgetcsv to read csv files and works fine. I tried using the sample-deluxe.csv file and get same error.

So could it be something else – I though maybe a folder/file permissions issue – but with all the folders set to chmod 0777 from /uploads downwards and also adding chmod(WPSC_FILE_DIR.$file[‘name’], 0777); before the @fopen comand it still throws the same error.

I also tried adding ini_set(‘auto_detect_line_endings’, true); and this didn’t help.

Any clues? I’m trying to get this site up quick which is why I bought this plugin so a quick response would be much appreciated. Am happy to try suggestions if you want to email me.