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Hi everyone, I’m just following up here to say that we solved my issue with the plugin. For anyone having the issue of it not showing, I would suggest the following:
If you are using Safari on a Mac, reset the browser (Safari Menu in the top left hand corner> reset Safari menu option> then Reset button. This will clear the cache (and everything else, so save your bookmarks if you want em). Mine was a very sticky cache and I wasn’t seeing the plugin. For some strange reason I had to try it a couple of times and even restart the computer. Weird.

Secondly, you might want to triple check that you’re actually looking at the deepest level of your product listing and not what you THINK is the product listing but is actually the category summary. To explain: Depending on how you’ve got your wp-ecommerce set up, you might have the full product information showing up on the brief description in the category listing if your product listing is actually quite short, leading you to think you’re in a product listing. That’s what I did. I found that when I was looking at the product category, the full product description was showing up on each listing, confusing me into thinking I was looking at the product listing. I was looking at this and seeing no ‘related products’ thus thinking the plugin wasn’t working. If you think your plugin isn’t working, it might be worth trying to click on the title link of a product and go as deep as you can, then you might find it, buried in a bit deeper.
Hope this helps someone.
Oh, and Michael was great. Helped me within 24 hours and was fantastic. 🙂