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Same problem here. I’ve tried to contact you but no reply, which is disappointing.

my csv has Product Name first then SKD
The product names are thus >>
Aero Pendant Lamp Chrome,sk012662…
Aero Pendant Lamp Chrome|Colour|White,sk012668…
Aero Pendant Lamp Chrome|Colour|Amber,sk012663…
This doesn’t set the variation automatically, more or less as described in the post above by web-tech.sk
If I access the product via the dashboard I can tick the variation (it’s loaded the info here) This adds a drop down on the products page but only the word ‘colour’ displays in the product page dropdown. See here >> http://lumenarte.co.uk/products/lucente/aero-pendant-lamp-chrome/

In the previous version of your plugin (3.1.7) a single ‘colour’ product was created rather than any variation.
The only thing that might cause concern is not using the current PHP ‘which does not support the function str_getcsv()’
I’m on a shared server so have no control over PHP version, although, having read various post on the forum, this shouldn’t matter.