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I am getting the same error – newly downloaded and installed today. Please help!

Store Exporter v.1.3.8
Store Exporter Deluxe v.1.3.8

I am trying to export Orders.
I have no filters selected.
When I view the Archives page – csv files are there but when you click the name it gives you a 404 not found.
When you click the ‘Edit’ link under the export file name, it shows you details as follows:

Csv file: No export entries were found, please try again with different export filters.

Export Details:
Dataset Orders
Filepath /home/www/site/wp-content/uploads/woo-export_orders-20131111.csv
Total columns 122
Total rows 23
Process time 4 seconds
Idle memory usage (start) 67.01 MB
Memory usage prior to loading dataset 67.13 MB
Memory usage after loading dataset 69.83 MB
Memory usage at render time –
Idle memory usage (end) 69.79 MB