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To change php memory and execution time settings:

1: Write yourself a small php script that reads:

2: Save it at the top level of your web site as “phpinfo.php”

3: Run it by going to address http:///phpinfo.php

4: Look a few lines down; it will tell you exactly where your “php.ini” file is. Open that file in an editor, such as notepad.

5: Look for a property “max_execution_time”. Set it to something very big, e.g.
max_execution_time = 90000 or bigger – it’s your server so it doesn’t matter.

6: Do the same for “max_input_time” – there a bug somewhere such that the input time is sometimes looked at instead of the execution time. e.g. max_input_time = 90000

7: Look for property “memory_limit”. Set this to something big too. e.g.
memory_limit = 256M Don’t go with more than half your installed memory.

8: restart your Apache server. Run “phpinfo.php” again and look for these parameters. You should see your new values in the report page.